A Father's Name

Gyda Myrdotten
Location Frostback Basin
Type Side Quest
Next Quest -
Previous Quest Jaws Of Hakkon (Quest)

A Father's Name is a Quest in Dragon Age: Inquisition. It is part of the Jaws of Hakkon DLC. A woman prepares bodies for sky burial at Stone-Bear Hold. Caldan Enversen's body should receive special rites; however, his son failed to complete them. As guests of the hold, the Inquisition may present the required offering as a gift.

Important NPCs



  1. Speak with the Huntmaster.
  2. Kill three Fade-Touched Beasts
  3. Give Hide to Huntmaster or Finn.



  • Give offering to Finn
    • Sera Slightly Approves
    • Varric Slightly Approves
    • Cole Slightly Approves
    • +2 Power
    • No approval points for Guests of the Hold quest.
  • Give offering to the Huntmaster



  • This quest is obtained after speaking to Gyda Myrdotten in Stone-Bear Hold.
  • She will inform you of a tradition of their tradition of making an offering to the deceased and offer you to make that offering in place of the deceased's son (who has failed to do this due to his incapacity).
  • Speak to the Huntmaster (marked on map) to learn of the 3 Fade-Touched beasts that must be killed for their pelt.
    • Fade-Touched Lurker: Found northwest of Basin Floor Camp. Protected by a pack of Lurkers.
    • Fade-Touched Gurgut: Found near the Blood-Stained shrine. (Close to where you meet Colette in Worthy of Publication)
    • Fade-Touched Giant Spider: Found towards the orthern most end of the basin. Protected by various other Poisonous and Giant Spiders.
  • After killing all 3 and collecting their pelts, speak to either the Huntmaster or to Finn. (You can choose. The rewards vary. See above for the difference.)

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