A Woman Who Wants for Nothing is part of the inner circle romance quests of Dragon Age 3: Inquisition. It initiates by being romantically involved with Sera once you are in Skyhold and have progressed your approval with her and flirted enough (inquisitor must be female).
  • Objectives:
    Sera has gotten you a gift. What could you give in return?
  1. Talk to everyone in your inner circle.
  2. Talk to Sera
  • Locations: Skyhold
  • Rewards: Sera Approval (please add amount)
  • Choices & Consequences: N/A
  • Player Notes: Bug: Unable to locate Vivienne (fix: not known) Vivienne is recruited Here and is located in Skyhold - Upper Courtyard (1 floor above the blacksmith area)
  • Dialogue: "quotes here"

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