Amulets of Power can be found all over Dragon Age 3: Inquisition. They are used to grant a single Ability point to characters in the game. They can only be used once each and once used are removed from your inventory. They are designated for specific characters and can only be used by that character. Below is a list of Amulets of Power, who they are for and where they can be found.

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Information Location Character For

Track Spies in Nevarra

Complete Track Spies in Val Chevin (Forces/Secrets reward)
War Table ??

Information from the Grand Enchanter

Completed In Hushed Whispers, took mages as prisoners. (Forces/Secrets reward)
War Table Solas

Here Lies the Abyss

Chest in the Adamant Fortress. One time visit.
Adamant Fortress Blackwall

Nobility and Casualty

Connections/Secrets/Forces reward
War Table Blackwall

Grand Cleric Iona

War Table Mission after completing In Hushed Whispers or Champions of the Just (Forces)
War Table Cassandra

Champions of the Just

Inside a chest beyond a locked room in the Courtyard (Lower Level)
Therinfal Redoubt Cassandra

The Weeping Spires

In a house in an abandoned village (NW of the southernmost Beacon)
The Fallow Mire Cassandra

Chateau d'Onterre

Dropped by the Arcane Horror at the end of this dungeon
Emerald Graves Cole

Call Me Imshael

?? with Imshael will award this.
Emprise du Lion Cole


Chest next to Cole, in the bar where you find him.
Skyhold Cole

Burdens of Command

Reward for completing quest
Crestwood Cole

Still Ruins

Behind a locked door to the left side. The door requires Deft Hands. Can be exploited.
The Western Approach Dorian
Defeat Venatori Overseer in the sand and ruin quest. Upper right area of map Hissing Wastes Dorian

Griffin Wing Keep

Drop from Marcius
The Western Approach Dorian

Crestwood Village

The house where the villager was hiding. Can be exploited. (requires Deft Hands, Fine Tools Secrets Perk)
Crestwood Inquisitor

A Gift from the Imperial Palace

Available after Halamshiral if Empress Celene survived, remains ruler of Orlais, and is in a relationship with Briala (Connections reward)
War Table Inquisitor

The Cold Endured

In the last room's chest
Forbidden Oasis Inquisitor

Here Lies the Abyss

A reward from a quest in the Fade. One time visit.
The Fade Inquisitor

Exclusive Training

(Inquisition Perk at the War Table)
War Table Inquisitor


Defeat the Dragon
Emprise du Lion Iron Bull

Contact with the Valo-Kas Mercenaries

?? reward (requires the Inquisitor is Qunari)
War Table Iron Bull

Northern Hunter

Defeat the Dragon
Crestwood Iron Bull

Greater Mistral

Defeat the Dragon
Emerald Graves Sera

Red Jenny and the Bad Goods

Complete Red Jenny Attends a Party. Capture one of Caer Bronach, Griffon Wing Keep, or Suledin Keep. (Forces/Secrets/Connections reward)
War Table Sera

What Pride Had Wrought

Found in the Temple of Mythal, one time visit only
Temple of Mythal Solas

Elgar'nan's Bastion

Map found in the Emerald Graves
Emerald Graves Solas

Measuring the Veil

Available at Haven (must have Solas in party while doing the quest)
The Hinterlands Solas

The Abyssal High Dragon

Defeat the Dragon
The Western Approach Solas

Hard in Hightown: Unsavory Parallels

Hard in Hightown: The Search for the Hack Writer (Secrets/Connections reward)
War Table Varric

Hard in Hightown 3: Varric's Revenge

Available early on, in Haven. (Secrets/Connections reward)
War Table Varric

The Vault of Valammar

In a large Urn inside the vault at Valammar
The Hinterlands Varric


Defeat the Dragon
Emprise du Lion Varric

Sandy Howler

Defeat the Dragon
The Hissing Wastes Varric

Truth or Dare: The Endgame

Either Truth or Dare: See and Be Seen or Truth or Dare: A Dangerous Game, and Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts also complete. (Secrets/Connections reward)
War Table Vivienne

Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts

Found in Winter Palace behind a Halla door. One time visit.
The Winter Palace Vivienne
Safe Keeping
Found in a room in Villa Maurel that requires you to reassemble 3 key fragments. Requires a warrior and mage to complete.
Emerald Graves Vivienne

Alliances: Reaching Ever Upward

Complete Alliances: Forging a Way Forward. Depending on where you are in the game, you may need to adventure for a while before this is available. (Secrets/Connections reward)
War Table Vivienne

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