antivan_fire_icon.png Antivan Fire in Dragon Age 3: Inquisition Spreads sticky fire at the target location, causing 23 burning damage every second to enemies inside the fire. The fire remains for 30 seconds (accessed by hitting L1). ? can be carried at a time by the player, but this number can be increased by Inquisition Perks or by using Belts that increase the number. They are replenished when restocking at potion stations. They can be upgraded at Potion stations.

  • Location of Recipe: ??

Increase Damage I: Increases damage by 21 per second.

Increase Damage II: Increases damage by 38 per second.

Increase Duration I: Increases duration by 30 seconds.

Increase Duration II: Increases duration by 30 seconds.

Shockwave: Targets at the initial explosion location are stunned for five seconds.

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