Red Lyrium Dragon (Archdemon/Corypheus Dragon) is a Dragon in Dragon Age 3: Inquisition. This is the final boss of the game.

  • Recommended Level: 17-20 High_Dragon-Card.png

  • Creature Type: Dragon
  • Location: Outside Skyhold In Final Battle
  • Resistance: -- ??
  • Vulnerability: -- ??
  • Abilities:
    • Armored: Allows a dragon to generate Guard.
    • Red Lyrium: The dragon utilizes Red Lyrium-based attacks.

Damaging the limbs of a dragon so that it is severely bleeding will prevent the dragon from performing swipes with that limb, making life easier for melee characters. Damaging a pair of limbs will cause the dragon to fall down to that side, opening it up for increased damage and preventing it from attacking for a duration.

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    • Anonymous

      reward14 Jul 2016 18:07  

      yeeeah, there is the reward but i didnt get anything. i killed the dragon and there were no skull or anything to get the goodies. a shame now that i killed the douchebag and its all gone anyway. A few ekstra dragon bones would come in handy.

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