“Few soldiers have the skill or strength to make good use of a longbow. Respect those who do. Against such an enemy, cover is the only defense. Move quickly across his field of vision, forcing him to compensate for movement. Do not charge directly unless your allies can distract him. A fully drawn longbow can drive an arrow through a chevalier's plate at a hundred yards. A fight between an archer and a chevalier is a test of cunning versus patience. We are too often patient—heavily armored as we are—and faced with lightly armored foes who would harass us. While archers frustrate me as they do most chevaliers, it is good that we fight them, so we remember how to be cunning, how to break an opponent's patience.”

— An excerpt from A Meditation Upon the Use of Blades, by Swordmaster Massache de Jean-Mien, required reading at the Academie des Chevaliers

  • Location: The Hinterland, ??
  • Level Ranges: 4-30
  • Health Modifier: 0.75
  • Armor: Low
  • Resistances: None
  • Vulnerabilities: None
  • Immunities: None
  • Drops: ??

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