Race Spirit
Gender ?
Affiliation n/a

Archivist is a NPC in Dragon Age: Inquisition


"The Archivist is a spirit of wisdom that once "knew all". The elvhen called it "Ghil-Dirthalen", or 'one who guides seekers of knowledge true.' When Fen'Harel created the Veil, the Archivist marked the end of all the elvhen knew."



  • Found 4x at the Shattered Library during Trespasser (Quest).
  • The first Archivist at the Entrance explains the nature of the place and paints a picture of its destruction.
  • The second Archivist in the Broken Tower or Sundered Hall (whichever is visited earlier) reveals that it was the Dread Wolf who cast a Veil between "the world that wakes" and "the world that dreams," and in the aftermath the Evanuris went silent.
  • The third Archivist in the Broken Tower or Sundered Hall (whichever is visited later) stores memories of ancient elves who were enraged with Fen'Harel - the Veil of his making turned their empire to ruins and then he disappeared.
  • The last Archivist in the Inverted Ward tells the Inquisitor that Viddasala went to the Darvaarad and shares the password for the eluvian leading there.


Related Quests

  1. Trespasser (Quest)



  • Archivist cannot be romanced.


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