A knife from the shadows. Assassin-Card.png

Argent was named the old Orlesian word for “quicksilver.” She is swift, strong, and deadly—trained from birth to be a weapon. Argent has served many masters, sometimes as a bodyguard, often as an assassin. Passed from noble to noble, she was bought and sold like a prized sword, a fact that does not bother her. A weapon has no loyalty—it serves whoever wields it. Now, the Inquisition wields Argent.

Unlocked by finding or crafting armor: Assassin's Mantle

Assassin Starting Abilities and Stats

Twin_Fangs.png Twin Fangs

You lash out with both daggers, striking deep, with bonus damage if you flank your foe.

Stealth.png Stealth

You step into the shadows, all but invisible to your enemies. Attacking from stealth gives you a damage bonus and brings you back to the enemy's attemtion. Dealing damage to enemies reduces the ability's cooldown time.

Assassin Ability Trees

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