Arishok's Vitaar


Unique Helmet

Item Level 23
Damage 19
Heal Bonus +14%
Melee Defense +8%
Strength +8
Restriction Qunari-trained only
Requirement  Level 20

Arishok's Vitaar is a Unique Helmet in Dragon Age: Inquisition.


About Arishok's Vitaar

Arishok's Vitaar is a unique helmet which confers the following bonuses: 

  • 8% Attack
  • +4% Critical Chance
  • +4 Willpower

Notes: Vitaars grant Damage rather than Armor


How to get Arishok's Vitaar

Location: Found in the Sandstorm of Oasis. You have to unlock the 3 doors in the first floor each room. The door will lead to 2 more doors. The first door will cost you 4 shards (the things you find on the map that glow through the telescope). The 2nd will cost 8 and the last will cost 12. You will have to fight some enemies and a boss at the end the 1st door is spirit, 2nd door is frost, and the 3rd door is fire. There is a 4th for electricity, but you need to complete all 3 others to unlock the 4th door. After you opened the 4th door and beat the boss, open the grave and it will be in there. All of these doors are in a cave in the middle of the map behind the waterfall.



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