Axe of the Dragon Hunter


Unique Greataxe

285 DPS

Item Level 19
AoE Damage 220
AoE Damage vs Dragons +32
Critical Chance +28%
Damage Bonus +5% for every enemy within 8m
Upgrade Slot

Full_Rune-Icon.pngMaster Dragon-Slaying Rune

Requirements Level 16
Restrictions Warrior only

Axe of the Dragon Hunter is a Two-Handed Weapon in Dragon Age: Inquisition.


About the Axe of the Dragon Hunter

The Axe of the Dragon Hunter is a unique Greataxe which provides the following bonuses:

  • 220 AoE Damage
  • +32 AoE Damage vs. Dragons
  • +28% Critical Chance
  • +5% Extra damage for each enemy within 8 meters



Axe of the Dragon Hunter Location




  • Notes: On my 1st play through ('easy'?) i got 286 DPS on this weapon. On my 2nd one (hard) i found it with 295 DPS before i talked to Belle and 285 DPS after (all other stats are similar). When i found out, i reloaded an old save game and bought the weapon with 296 DPS at level 12 although it is not usable before level 16 (i just had about the money since i never bought anything but Varrics T1 weapon upgrades). I didnt test which dialog option exactly this depends on. - for me it looks like this is part of the pseudo random engine for loot. like: every conversation you do mixes up the next available content / loot a little ... ?

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