Baron Havard-Pierre d'Amortisan

Baron Havard-Pierre d'Amortisan
Race Human
Gender Male
Affiliation Orlais

Baron Havard-Pierre d'Amortisan is a NPC in Dragon Age: Inquisition.  He is part of the Jaws of Hakkon DLC.


"The Baron is an Orlesian noble searching for beasts in the Frostback Basin"



  • Found at his camp just north of the Basin Floor Camp in Frostback Basin.


Related Quests

  1. Beasts at Bay
  2. The Nox Morta



  • Baron Havard-Pierre d'Amortisan cannot be romanced.


Background, Dialogue & Other Notes/Trivia

  • Havard-Pierre traveled to the Frostback Basin to consult with Inquisition soldiers regarding the local fauna. He has been tasked to discover a way to ward off beasts from the Inquisition supplies.
  • His name and character are a reference to famous pulp author Howard Phillips Lovecraft.
  • The interaction tool tip calls him "Havard-Pierre" but the quest language has his name as "Henri-Pierre". The name has been changed on this page for continuity.

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