Business Arrangements is a side quest in Dragon Age 3: Inquisition. It initiates in Redcliffe Road near the end of Blood Brothers by picking up a letter on a Templar's corpse. This quest gives you the opportunity to recruit the inquisition agent: Tanner tanner_icon_small.png

  • Objectives:
    "A letter found on a Templar corpse suggests that someone named Tanner is secretly doing business with Templars."
  1. Confront Tanner in Redcliffe Village
  • Boss: N/A
  • Locations & Quest Giver: The Hinterlands, Note on a Dead Templar, then Redcliffe Village
  • Rewards: ?? xp, 1 Power, 50 Influence. If Cassandra is on party and dialogue selected: Tanner as an agent and Cassandra Approves (+2)..Solas Slightly disapproves (-1)
  • Choices & Consequences: When you confront Tanner, Chosing "Cassandra?" as your option will intimidate her into joining as an agent, and grant you +2 Cassandra approval. Solas Slightly disapproves (-1)
  • Player Notes: example: complete before y or x happens. Known bugs, etc
  • Dialogue: "quotes here"

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