Champions of the Just is part of the main quest of Dragon Age 3: Inquisition. It initiates in Val Royeaux and must be undertaken at the War Table once your inquisition has gained 15 Power, recommended for levels 4-7. Beware this mission will cancel In Hushed Whispers. This quest provides a chance to recruit the companion Cole.

Click here for the Champions of the Just Skill.
"The templars have left Val Royeaux and refuse to negotiate with anyone. Gather enough power, then work with the advisors to make contact with the templars."
"Leliana and Josephine have been working tirelessly to convince, coerce, and win over some of Orlais' most influential houses. Ten noble families will help the Inquisition pressure the templars into sealing the Breach, traveling to Therinfal Redoubt and demanding the Lord Seeker deal with them or face the wrath of Orlais. The Inquisition has promised the Herald of Andraste as its voice in these negotiations".
"Gain access to Therinfal Redoubt with Connections, then make an impression"
  • Objectives:
  1. Head to the Inquisition's War Room
  2. Meet with the templar contact.
  3. Talk to Knight-Templar Barris
  4. Meet the Lord Seeker
  5. Fight through the Corrupted Templars
  6. Confront the Lord Seeker
  7. Find a way out.
  8. Escape the Chantry
  9. Escape the Prison.
  10. Braziers Lit 0/4
  11. Escape the Forest
  12. Talk to Knight-Templar Barris
  13. Collect Lyrium
  14. Templar Veterans found 0/4
    • Note: A progress bar appears when you are out of the Great Hall signaling its status. If you allow the bar to drop under 30%, Ser Barris will die.
  15. Talk to Knight-Templar Barris
  16. Hold off the Red Templars
  17. Confront the Envy Demon
  18. Return to the Great Hall
  19. Return to Haven
Approval Ratings for Quest End Choice
Chosing to bypass the flag ritual will preserve the life of the noble: Lord Abernache.
Chosing "Where is the Lord Seeker?" in your conversation with Knight-Captain Denam. Vivienne Slightly Approves (+1)
If Lord Abernache lives, selecting dialogue option "You are still a needed ally" will give: Vivienne Slightly Approves (+1), Varric Slightly Approves (+1)
Chosing "I am the Herald of Andraste" will give: Varric Slightly Approves (+1)
The following decision affects approval regardles of who is with you at Therinfal Redoubt:
Disband Templars
Ally with Templars
The Iron Bull
  • Player Notes:
    • Finishing this quest opens up Havel's Shop
    • Bringing Vivienne triggers some dialogue from the nobles at the entrance. It is advisable to bring a rogue. If you plan on allying with the Templar Order: Iron Bull, Varric and Vivienne are good party members.
    • When in the Nightmare, make sure to take the Veilfire back to the first area where Cassandra is talking to the male cleric and pick up the Prison Key for the Demonic Dogma quest.
    • Ser Barris can be recruited as an agent if you ally with the templars and he has survived.
  • Dialogue: "quotes here"

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