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Have fun talking about the game or anything you want to share. Please keep it clean and keep it friendly, we all want a happy and welcoming community!
IMPORTANT: To avoid useless clutter in the chatroom, please refer to this wiki's other pages before asking any question about the game's content and mechanics. This chatroom isn't intended to be an interactive search box.

General Talk

Simple chat rules:

  1. No flaming, no cursing (this includes random profanity at the discretion of the moderators in chat), no insulting
  2. No stupid names like MrBigCock.
  3. No racial, cultural, lifestyle comments/slurs. Period. Remember that this is a mixed community with diverse people.
  4. No pornography, no links to pornography, obsence or nude images including hentai and cartoons/animations. This applies to profile images as well.
  5. No console wars.
  6. Be friendly, be helpful, Be gentle .
  7. Dont spam either text or links or anything, this includes links to other chatrooms.
  8. NO BACKGROUNDS. Images to the right side are ok, all other background colors are prohibited. No obnoxious or illegible colors or fonts, no giant emoticons or gifs. *And if you see Manatubear has a background, it's because he is a moderator and attempting to get attention to his enforcing
  9. No discussion, or promotion of glitches, hacks, save edits. This chat is to ensure the integrity of the game remains.
  10. The moderators and administrators are volunteers who use their free time to keep the chat civil. You can disagree with them but disrespecting them is not an option. Attempting to argue moderator/admin communications and decisions in public will lead to a ban
  11. Last but not least: always listen to moderators! When a moderator tells you to stop doing something in the chat, or to do something such as change your username color, this is them utilizing their discretion to apply the rules and as such their say becomes the rules. Arguing with the moderators will be counter productive and get you nowhere. If you encounter a situation where you feel that a moderator has abused his/her power, you can contact FexDS*, or Castielle101* please provide screenshots or chatlogs if possible and always contact the moderators yourself, second party requests will not be accepted.
- Impersonating a mod will lead to a ban.

  • If you feel any of these three people have wronged you, they own the chat so you are SOL.

Example of what not to do:

Mod: Stop spamming, drop the caps.
Mod Derp has been banned
Derpette: OMG how could you ban Derp! He's the love of my life, now I can't live without him! I hate you!
Derpette: Mods suck!
Mod: Derpette has been banned
... ad infinitum.

Moderator Roster


external image fexds


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Regarding our Moderating Bot

Problems in Lords of the Fallen Wiki? Let us know, thanks! - Castielle101, FexDS & Mod team

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      dragonage inquisition18 Jul 2016 19:15  

      i've already adquired all the perk points by evolving (unpatched version of the game i dont know if the atualization changes anything and i would llike to know if there is a way to get the other perks

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