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Adaar, the Vashoth 
 Codex #1 Adaar, the Vashoth

The Qunari in Par Vollen live under the Qun, a religious and philosophical doctrine dictating every aspect of their society. [Player name] Adaar's parents left that restrictive life before he/she was born, settling in the Free Marches and raising their child outside the Qun. Qunari brought up outside their society are still feared, shunned, or misunderstood by most people in the south. The average citizen of Orlais or Ferelden assumes they are cold-blooded thralls, or vicious bandits.

If the Inquisitor is a warrior or rogue: Qunari who are not part of the Qun, facing limited acceptance in society, often take advantage of their reputation by taking on mercenary work. [Player name] Adaar joined the Valo-kasmercenary company as a young adult, making a name for him/herself over the years as a capable and resourceful soldier. He/she was hired to provide protection at the Conclave, as a neutral party to stand betweentemplars and mages.

If the Inquisitor is a mage: When [player name] manifested a gift for magic, his/her parents arranged for a mage among the Tal-Vashoth to teach him/her how to control his/her talents. He/she joined the Valo-kasmercenary company as a young adult, making a name for him/herself over the years as a capable and powerful mage. [Player name] was hired to provide protection at the Conclave, as a neutral party to stand between templars and human mages.

After the disastrous explosion at the Temple of Sacred Ashes that killed the Divine, Adaar was the only survivor. Rumors that the mysterious mark on his/her hand is a sign of the Maker's favor were spread by those who claim they saw the divine prophet, Andraste herself, lead Adaar out of the Fade.

"Blackwall" and the Last Few Years
 Codex #2 "Blackwall" and the Last Few Years

If The Inquisitor pardoned Rainier...


I hope this letter finds you well. I apologize for my prolonged absence. I have traced the whereabouts of one more of my former company, and I am writing to you from Kirkwall, where he now resides.

I knew him as Private Nicolaus Lory. He goes by Klaus now. Unlike so many of the men I betrayed, Klaus found a way to put his life together without turning to crime. It doesn't in any way lessen the horror of what I did, but it was comforting to see at least one life not completely ruined by my actions.

Klaus is married to a lovely lady. They run a small bakery. It didn't take him long for recognition to dawn, and then I had two mince pies lobbed at my head. Pies that were fresh from the oven, mind you. It was a good thing I ducked.

I made my apologies. Even after months of searching and making was still hard. To his credit, Klaus allowed me to talk, and we ended the visit with ales at the Hanged Man.

I should return within the month. Thank you for allowing me this time, Inquisitor.

Thom Rainier


 Alistair (Inquisition)
 Codex #3 Alistair (Inquisition)

If Alistair is King and Anora is Queen: 
King Alistair Theirin was crowned the ruler of Ferelden after the end of the Fifth Blight; his people consider him a hero for fighting against the darkspawn as a Grey Warden. Few Wardens have ever left the secretive order, and he is the only of those who went on to rule a nation; Queen Anora, daughter of the legendary Teyrn Loghain, rules at his side. Although Ferelden has prospered under their reign, it was greatly weakened by the Blight. Tensions with neighboringOrlais have been high, and many believe a renewal of their long-standing conflict is inevitable. 

 If Alistair is King and sole ruler: 
King Alistair Theirin was crowned the ruler of Ferelden after the end of the Fifth Blight, and is considered a hero among his people for having fought against the darkspawn as a Grey Warden. He is one of the few known to have ever left the secretive order, never mind one who went on to rule a nation afterward. Some in Ferelden claim that the Theirin line ended with the death of King Cailan and that the existence of an unknown bastard was a lie imposed upon the people to overthrow Queen Anora. As such, Alistair's rule has been plagued with trouble... both within his own lands as well as with neighboring Orlais. The Blight greatly weakened Ferelden, and many believe that a renewal of the long-standing rivalry between the two nations is inevitable. 

If  Alistair married and ruled together with the Hero of Ferelden:
King Alistair Theirin was crowned ruler of his kingdom after the end of the Fifth Blight, with the legendary Hero of Ferelden reigning as his queen. Both former Grey Wardens are wildly popular in their homeland, though some claim Alistair is not of Theirin blood and that his bloodline as a king's bastard son is a lie imposed on Ferelden to depose Queen Anora. Thus, the royals' rule has been plagued with trouble, both within the kingdom as well as with neighboring Orlais. The Blight greatly weakened Ferelden, and many believe a renewal of the long-standing rivalry between the two nations is inevitable.

 If Alistair was exiled: 
Rumored to be King Maric of Ferelden's bastard son, there was a moment during the recent fifth blight where Alistair could have ascended to the throne. Instead, the throne was given to Queen Anora, daughter of the traitorous Teyrn Loghain-the very man responsible for the death of almost every Grey Warden in Ferelden at the infamous Battle of Ostagar. Disgusted, Alistair abandoned the Grey Wardens, and for years lived in disgraced exile in the Free Marches. Several years ago, Alistair was retrieved from his exile, sobered up, and eventually re-admitted to the order...though he chose to do so in Orlais rather than his homeland. 

 If Alistair remained with the Wardens: 
A hero of the recent Fifth Blight, the Grey Warden Alistair is credited alongside the Hero of Ferelden with slaying the Archdemon and sparing Thedas the ravages of the darkspawn. Rumor has it that he is an heir to the Fereldan throne, but that he turned it down in deference to Queen Anora, daughter to the traitorous Teryn Loghain. 

 If Alistair is a Grey Warden and survives the events of Adamant Fortress: 
After the Champion of Kirkwall's sacrifice in the Fade, giving him and the Inquisitor a chance to escape, Alistair left to report to the Grey Warden leadership at the fortress of Weisshaupt in the Anderfels.

 Codex #4 Blackwall

I do not have much on Warden Blackwall. We know he became Constable of the Grey in Val Chevin after Warden-Constable Fontaine assumed the position of Commander of the Grey from her predecessor. He also bears the Silverite Wings of Valor, an honor bestowed upon Orlesian Wardens for deeds of great daring. The details of the act for which Blackwall earned the Silverite Wings, however, are sketchy. Grey Wardens hide their secrets well. The medal was likely awarded for a campaign to secure Deep Roads entrances within Orlais, shortly after the Fifth Blight. Several Grey Wardens lost ther lives on that campaign; perhaps more would be dead if not for Blackwall.

According to my sources, Warden Blackwall has been traveling alone for several years now. The last anyone saw him at the keep in Val Chevin, it was 9:37 Dragon. It has been completely abandoned, along with all other Warden outposts. I believe Blackwall is as curious about this disappearance as we are.

Perhaps in time, we will find answers.


(Note: The text will be replaced after Blackwall's quest Revelations)

Constable of the Grey, Silverite Wings of Valor—hardly relevant now. They are Warden Blackwall's achievements, and the man we thought to be him was someone else entirely. It explains why I had scant information on Blackwall. He must have been lying low for years.

I compiled everything I had on Thomas Rainier. Read on.


What follows is a history of Thomas Rainier, prepared for delivery by Sister Leliana:

Rainier was born in Markham, a city-state in the Free Marches. There is little information on his early life, but he was already a skilled warrior by the time he turned eighteen. Hoping to make his fortune, he joined the Grand Tourney, that great Marcher contest of arms. He won the melee, proving himself and earning a substantial sum of gold.

What happened to the coin Rainier won in the Tourney is a mystery. Two years later, he appeared in Orlais, no richer than at eighteen. Still, he leveraged his abilities and lingering fame to gain a place in the Orlesian army.

Rainier excelled as a soldier, rising through the ranks quickly to become a captain with a number of men under him. Rainier's men were fiercely loyal. Our sources believe that many would have gladly defied a higher command at his word. On the surface, Rainier safeguarded his men's interests, but further investigation reveals that he was primarily concerned with his own advancement and profit.

Rainier's desire to amass a fortune likely explains his involvement in the massacre of Lord Vincent Callier and his family. Our sources tell us that Rainier was approached by a chevalier: Ser Robert Chapuis. Ser Robert supported Grand Duke Gaspard's claim to the throne and wished to enter into his good graces by eliminating Lord Callier, one of Celene's staunchest allies. Chapuis hired Rainier to assassinate Callier, and offered him a great deal of coin for it. We have no reason to believe his actions were politically motivated. In the spring of 9:35, Lord Callier and his family were traveling to their summer home on Lake Celestine when their caravan was ambushed. It is unknown if Rainier realized that Callier would be traveling with his family. Rainier and his men slaughtered Lord Callier and his entourage; they spared not even the children, all four under the age of thirteen.

It seems that none of Rainier's men were aware of the true reasons behind the lord's killing. They simply followed Rainier's orders. Rumors of Rainier's connection to the murders began swirling through the upper ranks of the army, and must have given him forewarning; he was gone when guards came to arrest him. His men, however, were not so lucky. Almost all were charged with treason, save a few who managed to get away.

Thom Rainier was labeled a traitor and a criminal, but remained at large until now.

 Codex #5 Briala

Watch out for elves in Halamshiral.

Almost no one notices they're even present. A servant scrubbing floors. A waiter filling glasses. Undergardeners weeding the border. Maids and valets dressing nobles. There's no room, alcove, or alley so private you can't find one there. And they're watching. They're organized.

The rumor you've heard of some mastermind leading the elves is no rumor. I have reports that this "Briala" wasCelene's personal spy and assassin, a bard of unusual skill. Who she's working for now we cannot confirm.

Say nothing. They will hear you.

—Part of a communiqué intercepted by Inquisition agents, author unknown


Cadash, the Casteless
 Codex #6 Cadash, the Casteless

[Player name] Cadash is a surface dwarf whose family was exiled from Orzammar generations ago, for crimes known only to the record keepers in the Shaperate. Banned from their undergroundcities and stripped of all status in traditional society, many surface dwarves are forced to become part of the crime syndicate known as the Carta, simply to survive. [Player name] was raised as part of the Cadash family, a branch of the Carta specializing in smuggling the magical ore lyrium across Thedas. [He/She] moved from city to city in the Free Marches, working wherever the syndicate saw profit to be made.

News of the Conclave shook up the Carta's usual operations, as its success or failure would have tremendous impact on the demand for lyrium for years to come. [Player name] was one of a handful of Carta dwarves sent to spy on the proceedings at Haven. [He/She] was the only survivor of the explosion at the Temple of Sacred Ashes. Rumors that the mysterious mark on [his/her] hand is a sign of the Maker's favor were spread by those who claim they saw the divine prophet, Andraste herself, lead Cadash out of the Fade.


 Codex #7 Calpernia

I had never heard of Calpernia before I joined the Venatori. Tevinter's Circles have no record of a mage of that name, so I thought her perhaps a magister from one of the old houses who took a false title. Calpernia appears to have no background at all, however, and offers no hints to her past. She is too shrewd to flatter, even if she did not spend half her hours training as her Master's star pupil should.

I cannot openly challenge her. The woman is a fair mistress to her followers, and her passion to restore theImperium's glory strengthens their hearts and loyalty. Besides, her spells blister with power. Only a fool would try to undermine Calpernia by force. We will require a lighter touch.

—Note from Marconius Pellnix, Ben-Hassrath agent to the Qunari, dated several days before his mysterious death by fire


Cassandra Pentaghast
 Codex #8 Cassandra Pentaghast

Lord Seeker Lucius,

I am fully aware of the intent behind your predecessor's declaration. Lord Seeker Lambert pried the templars away fromChantry control and led them into an assault upon all mages, for reasons you both find justified. I, however, am uncertain when the Seekers of Truth went from guarding against injustice to perpetrating it. If you truly believe that this is not the case, I suggest you look out a window at the chaos this war has caused, and ask yourself if Thedas will recover even if you are victorious. I remain at Divine Justinia's right hand, and will stay there even if you brand me a traitor. I am sorry, but there is too much at stake to swerve from the path we willingly followed at the Chantry's foundation.

—From a letter by Seeker Cassandra Pentaghast to Lord Seeker Lucius Corin, Dragon 9:39


Cassandra and the Last Few Years
Codex #9 Cassandra and the Last Few Years

If Cassandra is the Divine...


You don't need me to dictate every word exactly, do you? I may be Divine, but that doesn't mean I have any particular skill at letter writing. Should I start with a joke? I don't know how to make hours upon hours of meetings with grand clerics sound anything less than mind-crushingly tedious. I also don't know how to make a joke about that. Something involving hats, probably. Varric would know.

It's very important that I sound reassuring. The Inquisitor has so much to deal with already and should not have to worry about the state of the Chantry on top of everything else. You can say something about how well thered lyrium cleanup efforts have gone, can't you? And perhaps mention that templars and mages--no, never mind, that subject has been discussed to death. Oh, perhaps mention the play about the Inquisitor's heroism that's being performed in Val Royeaux? That would be good to hear about, I'm sure.

Ugh! I'm late for a meeting with some revered mothers from Nevarra. Just finish this up with something appropriate.

With the Grace and Benediction of the Maker,

Divine Victoria


 Codex #10 Cole

His name is Cole.

He's not that old, perhaps twenty years, no more. He has blond hair that hangs in front of his eyes; he wears dirty leathers—perhaps the only clothes he owns. He was there when you foundRhys in the templar crypt, but you couldn't see him. Nobody can, and those who do forget him. Just like you are right now.

Remember the dream.

—A letter allegedly written by former Knight-Commander Evangeline de Brassard; found in the Spire in the aftermath of the mage uprising.

If Cole is recruited permanently during The Forgotten Boy...


If you believe that this "Cole" truly wishes to help the Inquisition and can be trusted to do so safely, I am willing to give him a chance to prove himself. As Solas insists that he is a spirit made manifest in the form of a young man, not a demon possessing an unwilling victim, I concede that he may not be malicious.

Nevertheless, Cole's abilities concern me. I would ask Leliana to have him watched but most of Skyhold seems unable to see this spirit, or remember him even if informed of his existence. The servants complain of odd occurrences, items mislaid or moved to strange locations, but have thus far been unable to see or remember the person responsible. Such actions appear harmless thus far, but I remain vigilant.


Cole appreciates the Inquisition helping those who are hurting and in need.

If Cole is told to leave during The Forgotten Boy, the codex will only state...

The Inquisition knows of no one by this name.


 Cole and the Last Few Years
 Codex #11 Cole and the Last Few Years

If Cole is more human...


Your suggestion regarding the young man, Cole, was excellent. he displays an uncanny ability to locate missing people. When hostile forces held our agents and we feared they would be killed if we approached, Cole was able to reach them without being detected. While he has been less useful overall at extracting intelligence, I have learned to trust his instincts about whether a target is trustworthy or malicious.

Per you request, I have limited his assistance to rescue operations or attacks on clearly hostile forces. Whatever magic lives in the young man's mind, it would be poorly served by the less pleasant necessities of our work.

His remarks about my family, while not germane to the mission at hand, were also greatly appreciated.


If Cole is more spirit...


I send this to you uncertain whether this comprises a joke, a test, or some form of magic. If it is the latter, I wish to state that I am deeply uncomfortable, but based on the results, I can hardly complain. Our work has never been more successful.

I have no recollection of having written the following, but it is clearly my hand, with signifiers in the language that make it clear that I acted of my own volition when writing it. I assume that you will make more of it than I can.


Send to Inquisitor in re Cole:

Quarterly progress:

Rescues: 6 (Higher than expected)

Targets hit: 4 (One dead when wanted for interrogation--"no prisons"?)

Agent morale: Strong (Some crying? All insisted they were "good tears," strong emotions, but unrelated to mission at hand, usually tied to some past trauma.)

Oddities: Misplaced items, unexpected. Often tied to emotional revelation among group. Concern with hostileblood mage binding demons. V. Angry.

Wax on my fingers, bees drone behind me as the honeycomb crunches between my teeth. She was always proud of me.

Why did I write this?


 Codex 12 Corypheus

Let me tell you what I know about "the Seven," those Tevintermagisters said to have entered the Golden City long ago.

Each was a high priest to one of the Old Gods. Each came to the ritual shrouded in secrecy, hiding their true name even from each other. They were competitors, you see. The Old Gods told them they would break into the Golden City and usurp the Maker's throne... but only one of them could sit on that throne. Each assumed a title related to their role in casting the ritual. Some texts claim they had a leader: the High Priest of Dumat, called "Corypheus." He did not rule this group, but instead conducted it, coordinating their efforts to achieve a magical feat never since replicated. They breached the Fade, walked physically in dreams, and changed our world forever.

Perhaps these Seven were the first darkspawn, cursed by the Maker as the Chant of Light tells us. Perhaps not. One would think these magisters long dead... but there are whispers this is not so. Think, if you will, what might become of the minds of such beings: corrupted by the Blight, cast down from prideful folly, simmering in resentment and darkness for over a thousand years. Where would such men live? Who knows of them? For someone must, if whispers persist. What secrets do they yet hold, and what would we do, should any one of them return to the light? With luck, these are questions we will never have to answer.

—From Questioning the Chant by Magister Vibius Agorian


 Codex 13 Cullen

Whatever you have heard of Kirkwall's rebellion, the truth is far worse; I would spare you that. What remains of Kirkwall's templars have been under my command for the past few years. We have done what we could to assist with the city's recovery—to restore some semblance of order—but my time here is done.

Seeker Pentaghast has approached me. She wishes to stop the war between mages and templars. She has been recruiting men and women to the cause and wishes me to oversee the group's military concerns. If the Conclave goes well, then we will not be needed. If not, we stand ready.

I have decided to take Seeker Pentaghast's offer. The Circles have fallen. I can give no more to the Templar Order, nor it to me. The Maker has shown me a new path; I must take it.

—Excerpt from a letter sent to South Reach by Commander Cullen

After the chess game at Skyhold...
"Dear Mia, I'm still alive. Your loving brother, Cullen"

Honestly, is it so difficult? We thought you were dead. Again. If the Inquisition was not on everyone's lips, we would never have heard that their fine commander survived Haven.

We've been hearing strange things about the templars lately. I am not sorry you left them. I thought your resignation was implied when you joined the Inquisition, but you meant something more, didn't you?

It's a fool's errand asking you to stay safe, but please try.

Your loving sister, (see how easy this is?)


If the Inquisitor starts a romance with Cullen...


I was glad to receive your last letter. You sound happy. It's been--never mind. I just hope you are well. Which reminds me...

[Inquisitor's first name]? Not Inquisitor? Not Her Worship, the Herald of Andraste? Your last letter was far too short.




I will write you a longer letter when there's time. Stop prying.




Cullen and the Last Few Years
 Codex 14 Cullen and the Last Few Years


Word has spread from Denerim about the summit the Inquisitionwill attend. The news is half rumors, but with the representatives they say are going, it's clearly serious-and the details are probably not something you can put down in a letter. I will, however, look forward to more glowing descriptions about how much you love Orlesian parties.

Branson's here; his son insists I add "Ello Cul" to this letter. He also insists it be "Ello" and not "Hello". Your nephew is stubborn-how very familiar.


If Cullen is romanced...


Word has spread from Denerim about the summit the Inquisition will attend. The news is half rumors, but with the representatives they say are going, it's clearly serious-and the details are probably not something you can put down in a letter. I will, however, look forward to more glowing descriptions about how much you love Orlesian parties.

I'm sure you and [Inquisitor's name] will find enough danger away from the summit. You always do. Is it worth warning either of you to be careful?

If Cullen continues taking lyrium...

I've no word from the contacts you mentioned, but a Skyhold messenger delivered a letter from your sister among the reports we requested. It is not my place, but she sends so many. I do hope you'll read it.


An additional note accompanies the main letter. Both are crumpled:


After how many letters, I don't expect you to answer. I'm not even sure you'll read this. But maybe you will and---I don't think it will help, but I want you to read it all the same. This isn't the first time you've disappeared on me, and I'm no less stubborn. When you're ready to come back, I'll be here for you.

Love always,


Divine Justinia V
 Codex 15 Divine Justinia V

Formerly the Revered Mother Dorothea of Orlais, Divine Justinia V rose to power after the death of Divine Beatrix III in the year 9:34 of the Dragon Age. Little is known of Dorothea's background before she joined the Chantry as an initiate, but she proved to be a liberal and daring thinker, willing to take a former bard and lay-sister, Leliana, as a close advisor. A headstrong devotion to her own agenda and rumored support of the mage rebellion earned her no small dislike from the powerful priests long used to controlling access to the Divine.

In the year 9:40 of the Dragon Age, Divine Justinia called a summit, intending to negotiate a truce between the mage rebellion and the templars splintered from the Chantry. The Divine Conclave was held at the Temple of Sacred Ashes, the most holy place in Thedas. Before a resolution could be reached, a cataclysmic explosion destroyed the Conclave, consumed the temple, rent the sky, and shattered the world's hopes for peace.

Divine Justinia V perished in the Temple of Sacred Ashes. The Chantry flounders, leaderless, in the wake of her death, and its fate grows increasingly uncertain. If order is not restored to Thedas, Justinia V might be remembered as the Chantry's final Divine.


Dorian Pavus
Codex 16 Dorian Pavus

Only child and heir presumptive to the senatorial seat of MagisterHalward Pavus, Dorian comes from a prestigious line of mages, prominent in the coastal Tevinter city of Qarinus since the lateExalted Age. At that time, the Imperium was recovering from a failed Exalted March and the Fourth Blight; Gideon Pavus arose as a voice of reason within the Magisterium. His block of allies convinced the Imperium not to descend upon the weakened south, to extend a hand of reconciliation to those who had once sought their destruction. That House Pavus remained standing even after Magister Gideon was tried for treason is a testament to the power he built, and—as Dorian himself would claim—an excellent example of how internecine politics in Tevinter can bring low even the brightest star. A lesson, he says, one should never forget.

  Dorian and the Last Few Years
Codex entry Dorian and the Last Few Years


It was good to hear from you, my friend. For months I've had only the Society of Maevaris's fledgling Lucerni party: Junior members of the Magisterium so filled with fire and zeal, and so wildly inept at politics, Mae keeps a bucket of ice water on hand in case one accidentally immolates himself. Lest I give you the wrong impression, we are making progress. But it will take a great deal of skill to keep the Lucerni alive through the usual schedule of Minrathous scheming long enough to become a real political faction. Fortunately, they do have me.

I'm sorry to hear that politics are plaguing you as well. Must be something going around, like a pestilence or anOrlesian fashioned trend. Hopefully Josephine can defuse the Fereldan outcry and persuade the Orlesians to stop circling you with a collar and leash. You know she did always love a challenge.

I'll find an excuse to make a trip south soon. We should really catch up in person, don't you agree?


 If Dorian is romanced...


I greatly enjoyed your last letter, as did the servants who stole it from my room and read it aloud to the kitchen staff. That small scandal was the only bright spot in the whole month; Minrathous is utterly and completely dull without you.

Maevaris and I have been meeting with our fledgling Lucerni party: A dozen junior magisters with a burning hatred for the corruption of the Imperium, and little idea how to change it beyond shouting incoherently. It's going to require a lot of work from Mae and me to turn them into shrewd Magisterium politicians. Don't laugh.

I know you're too tangled up in Inquisition business to get away, but we must find a chance to meet. Letters are a poor substitute for your company.


If Dorian left the Inquisition...


Despite all my efforts to the contrary, we will be meeting again in the not-so-distant future. My political agitating has persuaded someone in government to send me out of the country. I shall be joining you at the Winter Palace in Halamshiral for some dreadful international council. I'm sure you'll count the days.

Dorian Pavus


Empress Celene Valmont
 Codex 17 Empress Celene Valmont

My dear Viscount,

I congratulate you on securing an invitation to appear at court. Allow me to present you with these three words of advice as a gift: don't underestimate Celene.

You must not mistake her reputation as a diplomat and peacemaker to mean she avoids conflict. Dozens of her enemies litter the bottom of the harbor in Val Royeaux. Negotiation did not send them there. She is as shrewd and ambitious as her grandfather Judicael I, but unlike him, she knows how to handle the nobility. She built theUniversity of Orlais—the most vehemently opposed project in Orlesian history—because she knew how to win the support she needed to overcome even her bitterest rivals. She can keep a pet apostate in front of theChantry because even the Divine fears her influence.

Do enjoy your visit to the palace.

Duke Germain


 Grand Duchess Florianne de Chalons
Codex 18 Grand Duchess Florianne de Chalons

Your Grace,

You requested the swiftest, surest method of getting a message to Grand Duke Gaspard, so I have arranged for you to meet with his sister: Grand Duchess Florianne de Chalons. While she is of the least account among the current heirs to the Orlesian throne, her connection to her brother is extremely close. Gaspard will listen to anything she says. Be persuasive.



 Grand Duke Gaspard de Chalons
Codex 19 Grand Duke Gaspard de Chalons

Lady Mantillon,

I can offer no apology for my nephew's behavior the other night. Gaspard has never betrayed any interest in following my advice. In truth, everything he said to you at your dinner party, he has also said to me. His resentment at being deprived of the throne has festered for some time, and he was never one to accept defeat gracefully.

I would take Gaspard's threats of war seriously. I do not believe my nephew knows how to solve problems through the use of anything but steel; if his record on the battlefield is any indication, he is quite adept at so doing. I shall be increasing my personal guard directly.

Duke Gratien


 Grand Enchanter Fiona
Codex 20 Grand Enchanter Fiona

Grand Enchanter Fiona is considered an anomaly among mages. She is, for instance, the only member of the Circle of Magi ever to leave due to recruitment by the Grey Wardens... and then return. The circumstances of that return are largely unknown, but the notoriety she gained within the Circle allowed her to rise rapidly in the ranks. She became First Enchanter of the Montsimmard tower, and then elected Grand Enchanter at the college in Cumberland. The latter was based on her advocacy for greater mage freedom, a view she claimed her time with the Wardens supported. Urging for a vote on the matter led to the College of Enchanters' dissolution in 9:40 Dragon, and then, when a vote was attempted secretly, to Lord Seeker Lambert of theSeekers of Truth arresting Fiona and her fellow enchanters.

Following their flight to the ruin of Andoral's Reach, the escaped mages held and passed a final vote on the Circle of Magi's independence. This began the mage rebellion; while Fiona no longer holds the official position of Grand Enchanter, most mages still consider her an integral part of the rebellion's leadership.


 Hero of Ferelden
Codex 21 Hero of Ferelden

Dwarf Commoner Origin...
The Hero of Ferelden was born casteless in the slums of Orzammar. He/She impersonated a man of Warrior caste in Orzammar's Provings, a crime punishable by death. However, the Hero's showing in the arena impressed Grey Warden Commander Duncan so much that he recruited the Hero before he/she could be executed.

City Elf Origin...
The Hero of Ferelden grew up in Denerim's impoverished elven Alienage. A bitter clash with a Denerim noble during the Hero's wedding resulted in the Hero facing arrest by the city guard. The Grey Warden CommanderDuncan recruited the Hero, saving him/her from a certain death sentence.

Dalish Elf Origin...
The Hero of Ferelden once belonged to a clan of Dalish elves. An encounter with a tainted magical mirror corrupted the Hero; only the Grey Wardens held the cure. To save the Hero's life, the clan gave him/her up to Grey Warden Commander Duncan and the Order.

Dwarf Noble Origin...
The Hero of Ferelden was born to noble House Aeducan of Orzammar, the second child of King Endrin Aeducan. After being charged with fratricide, the Hero was exiled to the Deep Roads. There, he/she met Grey Warden Commander Duncan, who recruited him/her into the Order.

Human Noble Origin...
The Hero of Ferelden was the son/daughter of Bryce Cousland, Teryn of Highever. When Arl Rendon Howe's forces attacked Castle Cousland and murdered most of the Cousland family, The Hero escaped to safety with Grey Warden Commander Duncan, who then recruited him/her into the order.

Mage Origin...
The Hero of Ferelden belonged to the Circle of Magi in Ferelden, residing in the tower at Lake Calenhad for most of his/her life. First Enchanter Irving recommended the Hero to Grey Warden Commander Duncan; shortly after the Hero's Harrowing, Duncan recruited him/her into the Order.

If the hero slew the Archdemon...
The Hero fought and killed the Archdemon, dying in the ultimate sacrifice to save Ferelden. With the Archdemon gone, the darkspawn ranks broke; the horde was easily routed.

If one of the Wardens participated in the Dark Ritual or either Alistair or Loghain slew the Archdemon...
After defeating the Archdemon and ending the Fifth Blight, the Hero of Ferelden took up the mantle of Warden-Commander. He/She began the task of rebuilding the Order in Ferelden, serving with honor until his/her disappearance several years later.

If the Warden was female, became Queen of Ferelden and Alistair participated in the Dark Ritual...
After defeating the Archdemon and ending the Fifth Blight, the Hero of Ferelden was wed to King Alistair and crowned Queen of Ferelden. She and the king ruled the country together until she disappeared several years later.

If the Warden was Anora's Prince-Consort...
After defeating the Archdemon and ending the Fifth Blight, the Hero of Ferelden was wed to Queen Anora. He bore the title of Prince-Consort, and the two lived happily until he disappeared several years later.

Before/Without completing war table operation "Contact Hero of Ferelden"...
His/Her current whereabouts are unknown.

After completing war table operation "Contact Hero of Ferelden"...
The Inquisition has discovered that he/she has gone west in search of a way to cure the Calling.


 High Chancellor Roderick
 Codex 22 High Chancellor Roderick

There are some who claim men have no place in the Chantry, beyond the lowest rank of scholarly brothers and those who take their place amongst the templars. It is not true. This is an organization spanning seven nations, from the smallest village chantry to the Grand Cathedral in Val Royeaux. It takes more than sermons to keep it alive. There is an invisible army at work ensuring meals are delivered, repairs are made, and faithful tended to... and much of it done by Chantry brothers like myself. The position of High Chancellor places a man beside the Most Holy; I control who is permitted audience, handle her correspondence, deliver her word to Thedas, and serve as her advisor on matters which may be mundane but cannot be disregarded. If I have influence, let it be said it is something I use sparingly if at all. This is a task to which I devote myself with solemnity. I and my fellows bear a burden so that others are free to guide the spirits of Thedas unencumbered.

—Excerpt from a letter by High Chancellor Roderick Asignon, 9:38 Dragon


 Iron Bull
 Codex 23 Iron Bull

M, my dear friend,

I completely understand the difficulty you face. To have such well-equipped bandits attack your family's caravans so regularly and with such exquisite knowledge of your shipping schedules is indeed highly unfortunate; there is no shame at all in finding your household guards wanting in such trying circumstances.

To answer your question, when faced with my own troubles last year, I employed the Bull's Chargers. Their leader, the Iron Bull, is a Qunari, a great horned giant of a man; he looked like a savage but spoke like a gentleman. He seems unstoppable in combat, but is far more clever than a simple swordsman. His mercenaries were costly, but they were both strong enough to protect my family's caravans and clever enough to discover how the bandits came into such luck in their attacks upon my family. The bandits have been no trouble at all since, and a baron of our mutual acquaintance effusively assured me that he would be greatly surprised if they ever again caused us difficulty.

If you wish to employ the Iron Bull, I can provide you with his contact information... as well as a list of the liquors he enjoys most particularly. Will your husband also be present in these negotiations, or will you be making the acquaintance of the Iron Bull in a more intimate setting? If so, we shall have to talk, the next time our men go hunting.

Yours in friendship,

—A letter lifted from a hidden drawer in a noblewoman's vanity and copied carefully before being returned


 Iron Bull and the Last Few Years
 Codex 24 Iron Bull and the Last Few Years

"Thank you for the information. We've removed the Venatoriinformant. Ansburg should be safer for Inquisition and Ben-Hassrath agents"

"Enclosed is the location of the ruins Tallis discovered, just north of Halamshiral. The obvious magical activity suggests that inquisition forces are better equipped to determine the nature and magnitude of the threat than our people"

"While the Imperium's increased internal struggle aids both the Qunari and the Inquisition, we suggest you keep a close watch. Both sides are likely to recruit allies, and Ben-Hassrath intelligence suggests that Nevarrais already unstable."

-Excerpts from Ben-Hassrath reports

If the Chargers were saved:

"Thank you for sending the Chargers to assist in dealing with the Demons attacking Montfort. Their assistance was most appreciated, and many lives were saved."

"The Iron Bull and his Chargers have prevented another Civil War from sweeping across Orlais with their efforts in Perendale. The Iron Bull in particular defeated the would-be usurper in combat."

"We must protest the actions of the Bull's Chargers in South Reach. While the presence of the Demons andTemplars corrupted by Red Lyrium is undisputed, the necessity of your Dwarven miner collapsing the better part of a mountain on the enemy forces was hardly necessary."

"The Bull's Chargers were of great assistance in driving back the Demons that attacked the shores of Lake Calenhad. The Elf who calls herself 'Dalish' was particularly helpful, and I look forward to her promised explanation of how Dalish archery techniques can create walls of ice or dispel magical barriers."

--Excerpts from letters of thanks relating to the activities undertaken by Bull's Chargers over the past two years

If Iron Bull was romanced:

"But sorry, Lords and Ladies! According to our source in Skyhold, this Bull still only has a single rider, the Inquisitor him/herself! For anyone feeling horny or wanting to sit in the saddle, you'll have to steer yourself in some other direction as quickly as your calves can carry you, because our favorite Qunari mercenary isn't romanci-bull by you!"<onlyinclude>-- The least tawdry excerpt from the gossip page of Masqued Murmurs Monthly


 Josephine Montilyet
Codex 25 Josephine Montilyet

Seeker Cassandra:

Josephine Montilyet is a noble from the nation of Antiva. She was educated in Val Royeaux, where she built connections among the court. Once she finished her schooling—at a surprisingly young age—Lady Montilyet became the official diplomat between King Fulgeno of Antiva to Empress Celene of Orlais. The appointment suits her. She is well traveled, familiar with many forms of etiquette, and by all accounts a skilled negotiator.

If that endorsement does not suffice, Josephine is a personal friend. I have faith in her. We require someone both influential and trustworthy to be an ambassador for the Inquisition; you cannot tell me you would prefer to take the job yourself.

Sister Leliana

  Josephine and the Last Few Years
 Codex 26 Josephine and the Last Few Years

If Josephine is not romanced...
Dear Inquisitor <surname>,

Commander Cullen has reviewed the soldiers. I have written and received so many letters from the Orlesian court, our birds practically blot out the sun. We are as prepared for the Exalted Council as we will ever be. I know this past year has been full of formal meetings--goodness knows I have attended many, myself--but this one will truly test the alliances and friendships we have worked so hard to build.

If I may offer you any advice, Inquisitor, it is this: Keep a ready smile, and remember we have their attention because we are to be reckoned with.

Respectfully yours,
Ambassador Montilyet


 Lavellan, of the Dalish
Codex 27 Lavellan, of the Dalish

The Dalish are elves who refuse to live in human cities, where their people are exploited, having few rights. They choose to eke out an independent existence in the forests, attempting to keep the last remnants of their ancient culture alive. [Player name] is from clan Lavellan, a group of Dalish who migrate around the perpetually feuding Free Marches. [Player name]'s people travel along the borders of each city-state's territory, where Free March rulers will be less inclined to attack them, for fear of accidentally provoking neighboring cities.

If the Inquisitor is a mage: [Player name] manifested a talent for magic as a child. The clan's leader, KeeperDeshanna Istimaethoriel Lavellan, taught [him/her] how to control and hone [his/her] new powers. [Player name] grew into a capable mage, far away from the eyes of the templars and mage Circles. When tension between the two factions erupted into warfare, spilling into the countryside, Clan Lavellan was forced to pick up and move. [Player name]'s Keeper sent [him/her] to spy on the Conclave at Haven, as the outcome might determine the fate of [his/her] own clan.

If the Inquisitor is a warrior or rogue: [Player name] became a hunter at a young age, growing into a respected protector and provider. The recent mage rebellions disturbed [his/her] clan's way of life, as the fighting spilled out into the countryside. Clan Lavellan's leader, Keeper Deshanna Istimaethoriel Lavellan, chose [Player name] to spy on the meeting at the Temple of Sacred Ashes between the Divine and the feuding factions, so [he/she] could bring back news of the outcome.

After the explosion that killed the Divine, [player name] was the only survivor at the Temple of Sacred Ashes. Rumors that the mysterious mark on [his/her] hand is a sign of the Maker's favor were spread by those who claim they saw the divine prophet, Andraste herself, lead Lavellan out of the Fade.


Codex 28 Leliana

She has many names. Most know her as "Sister Leliana" or "the Nightingale." Some refuse to speak her name at all, referring to her only as the Left Hand of the Divine—the shadow behind the Sunburst Throne.

The spymaster Marjolaine trained Leliana from a young age. For years, Leliana was Marjolaine's instrument in the Great Game of Orlais. While Leliana was devoted to Marjolaine, the reverse was not true. Marjolaine betrayed Leliana and almost succeeded in killing her. Leliana survived the betrayal, thanks to Revered Mother Dorothea.

Following this betrayal, Leliana spent several years in a cloister in Ferelden, hiding from her past. Inspired by Revered Mother Dorothea, Leliana dedicated herself to her faith, discovering peace in a simple life of devotion. But when the Fifth Blight began, she received what she believed a vision from the Maker. This prompted her to leave her sanctuary, taking up arms against the darkspawn.

Several years after the defeat of the Archdemon, Leliana received a summons from Dorothea—now Divine Justinia V. She returned to Orlais to become an agent of the Sunburst Throne.

Justinia perished in the explosion that destroyed the Divine Conclave, and Leliana became a founding member and spymaster of the new Inquisition.

“Whatever we were before, we are now the Inquisition.” — The Inquisitor
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 Leliana and the Last Few Years
 Codex 29 Leliana and the Last Few Years

If Leliana is the Divine...

Thank you so much for your kind inquiries. I am doing very well, although I have been quite busy. Selecting new staff for my apartments at the Grand Cathedral has taken me so much longer than expected, and if you wouldn't mind, I would like to borrow Scout Harding for a few weeks to help me find more nugs.

I cannot possibly hire anyone to a permanent position without first observing them in a room full of baby nugs, and all the litters I have on hand are nearly full-grown. In any case, I will see you soon at Halamshiral.

Until then,

If Leliana is not the Divine...

Unfortunately I must report that my attempt to use nugs in place of messenger birds in the Deep Roads has not gone well.

On the first attempt, the nugs I released would not even go in the right direction, choosing instead to run around in circles and collide with walls while trying to squirm out from under the message canisters.

After considerable training, the second attempt went slightly better, with only half trying to escape their collars while the others at least tried to go in the right direction. However, none of the nugs arrived at their destination.

I will require some of Charter's time in dealing with an Orleasian noblewoman I believe to be intercepting mynugs. From my surveillance, she appears to be dressing them in little frocks that are simply terrible.



Lieutenant Renn
 Codex 30 Lieutenant Renn

Scribbled notes between Lieutenant Renn and LegionnaireBernat:

Lieutenant Renn:

Sir. I reviewed our request for supplies. As your second, I am duty-bound to point out the absurd amount of ale listed. Unless we have resorted to drowning the darkspawn.

Legionnaire Bernat


Don't be ridiculous. There's no such thing as an "absurd amount of ale."


Lieutenant Renn,

You have requested more barrels than we have legionnaires.

Legionnaire Bernat


Can't even let a dead man have some fun. Fine. Reduce the number of barrels to half. But I expect Tapster'squality, not the piss they sent last time.


Lieutenant Renn,

I will make sure the Crown is aware that the ale is for the esteemed Lieutenant Renn, Vanquisher of Darkspawn, Hero of the Fifth Blight, and... what was the other title? I always forget.

Legionnaire Bernat


Owner of the boot in your arse, salroka.




Loghain Mac Tir (Inquisition)
Codex 31 Loghain Mac Tir (Inquisition)

"I passed your test. Fate has a twisted sense of humor, it seems."

Loghain was born a farmer in a time when his country was under foreign occupation. While still a boy, he joined the resistance, where his tactical genius quickly became apparent. He became close friends with Prince Maric, the true heir to the Fereldanthrone; together they led the rebels, driving out the forces of theOrlesian Empire. Maric raised his friend to the nobility; Loghain became a living legend, a symbol of the Fereldan ideals of hard work and independence.

During the battle at Ostagar, he fled the field, leaving King Cailan and the Grey Wardens to die.

He returned to Denerim and declared himself regent to his daughter, Queen Anora, demanding that Ferelden follow him against the darkspawn—upsetting many of the banns. His actions sparked a civil war. Loghain's supporters found themselves fighting their neighbors, who blamed Loghain for the death of the king, as well as those who wished to take advantage of the power vacuum. He was defeated in single combat at the Landsmeet, and sentenced to undertake the Joining ritual. He survived, and rejoined the fight for Ferelden as a Grey Warden.

If the Warden did the Ultimate Sacrifice...
Destroying Archdemon Urthemiel at the Battle of Denerim cost the life of the Hero of Ferelden, but in the aftermath Loghain remained to help repair the kingdom and the Wardens he had nearly destroyed.

If the Dark Ritual was done...

Together, Loghain and the Hero of Ferelden fought the Archdemon Urthemiel when it attacked the city of Denerim. They emerged victorious, having slain the creature, ending the Fifth Blight almost before it began.


Lord Seeker Lucius Corin
 Codex 32 Lord Seeker Lucius Corin

For months, we were all so certain Lord Seeker Lambert's death was an assassination carried out by mages. He had, after all, declared the Nevarran Accord null and void, hurtling us headlong into a war against the rebels. Why else would he be killed, except as an act of retribution? The entire Templar Order was fired up, ready to take up the fight against the mages... something we were sure would be over in a matter of weeks. Thus the election of Lucius Corin to the role made me despair. According to the few Seekers of Truth with whom I spoke, he was a moderate. He agreed to the Divine'sConclave, and every templar I knew felt certain he would compromise to see the war ended.

But lately... the man seems different, does he not? I never met him before he assumed command, but even in this short time his opinions on the war have turned. He did not go to the Conclave he personally supported. In fact, he seems to regret supporting it at all. He talks of the templars establishing themselves as a power in our own right, and our fellows are all too eager to listen. I don't know from where this change of heart came, but I begin to wonder if Lambert's death wasn't as simple a matter as we assumed. Something is amiss within our Order, and all I know is that it's beyond me to discover what.

—From a letter written by an unknown templar, found in a burned-out fort, 9:41 Dragon


 Magister Erimond
Codex 33 Magister Erimond

My dearest Demetrius,

I hope this letter finds you recovered from those ghastly meetings about road repair or import taxes or whatever terribly important work has consumed your time. I applaud your patriotic efforts to maintain the Imperium's infrastructure while the horned beasts to the north wage bloody war upon us.

I have asked before, but you are my closest friend, and now that you have seen the stirrings of our work, I hoped you might reconsider. You cannot think your talents adequately spent on roadwork, 'Metri. You come from the blood of the Dreamers. My master will restore the Imperium to a greatness it has not seen since our ancestors walked in the Golden City. He will rule not just a nation, but the world; those who show loyalty now stand to reap the benefits when all the world kneels to the Venatori.

Perhaps you are more comfortable with roads. When my master returns Tevinter to the glory it deserves, he will be pleased to find the nation well paved.

Consider well, my friend.

Magister Livius Erimond of Vyrantium


 Magister Gereon Alexius
 Codex 34 Magister Gereon Alexius

Lords and ladies of the Magisterium, before we vote on the budget for this latest measure against the Qunari, I would ask that we take a moment to consider the state of our institutions of higher learning.

The Circle of Minrathous is more than ten thousand years old.Darinius the Dreamer himself was born within those walls. It continues to be a source of wisdom and guidance for the best and brightest of the Imperium's youth. Yet it falls into disrepair.

Magister Aurarius has made her case several times for increased funding to the Circles, and as yet, her appeals have gone unanswered. Magister Viren has spoken at length on the threat of the oxmen in the north—a tide of brutality that we alone hold back. Let me add this: how shall we defeat the Qunari? How have we held back their advance all these long years without support from the other nations of Thedas? You know the answer: magic. It is our magic that holds the beasts at bay, and through the ingenuity of our magic we will drive them from our shores forever.

My friends and colleagues, this is the battle we prepare our apprentices, sons, and daughters to face. They need the resources to discover new magic, new techniques, that can lend us an advantage in this endless war. They cannot do this while roofs crumble over their heads. Repair the Circles; let the Imperium's future be more than slow decline to the marching steps of legions.

—An address by Magister Alexius to the Magisterium, taken from the official minutes in 9:39 Dragon


 Morrigan (Inquisition)
 Codex 35 Morrigan (Inquisition)


I, too, am concerned about this new "advisor" to the Imperial Court. If Celene is truly curious about magic, why not turn toMadame de Fer with her questions? Why seek out this dark-haired apostate from Ferelden? Why bring the woman here? After a great deal of surveillance, I can reassure you somewhat. I do not believe this Morrigan has our empress ensorcelled. There is no way to be certain, of course, but the witch and Celene argue often. If Morrigan tells Celene something unpleasant, she will avoid the witch for months before curiosity draws her back. Morrigan has an interest in ancient things—magic from a time before the Chantry even existed—and it is this pursuit that intrigues Celene. Morrigan can answer questions that Madame de Fer either could not or would not. Whether any pertain to blood magic or other forbidden things... that I can only suspect. Three of my spies disappeared after attempting to breach the spells protecting this woman's laboratory in the depths of the palace. I would raise a fuss, but then my efforts would be revealed... even though I doubt I am alone. The entire court is consumed with curiosity, and the more Celene keeps her in the sidelines, the more we all wish to know.

Our empress plays with fire. Considering she has yet to find herself a husband to solidify the future of her dynasty, these dealings with the apostate are one more nail in her coffin.

Yours in trust,
Madame de Carnay


 Professor Frederic of Serault
Codex 36 Professor Frederic of Serault


If anyone alive can answer your questions about the social habits of the Greater Vimmark Wyvern, it is Frederic of Serault, Professor of Draconology at the University of Orlais. I have met him a few times, and he is exceedingly knowledgeable about his field of study, although less knowledgeable about his current state of dress, the day of the week, and the location of his quill and ink. But nonetheless, quite brilliant.

Magister Zaldereon Antonidas


 Queen Anora Mac Tir
 Codex 37 Queen Anora Mac Tir

Previously wife to King Cailan, descendant of Calenhad and last of the Theirin bloodline to rule Ferelden, Queen Anora came into her own during the Fifth Blight. With the throne left vacant following her husband's death, she was confirmed as sole ruler with the support of the Hero of Ferelden — and this confirmation allowed her to rally her nation behind the Grey Wardens and the battle that ultimately ended the war with the darkspawn before it ever truly began.

If the Warden was Anora's Prince-Consort:

After the Blight's end, Anora and the Hero of Ferelden were married. She began the process of rebuilding a country devastated by the Blight's corruption... a process that is considered to have gone well, at least until the Hero of Ferelden's disappearance from the Fereldan court several years ago.

Since that time, concerns linger that Queen Anora has still not produced an heir, concerns that she has thus far successfully dismissed. The people believe her rule wise and well-reasoned, and they fully supported her decision to give the rebel mages safe harbor in Redcliffe following an impassioned speech she delivered inDenerim six months ago. When the rebel mages took over both the town and castle, forcing Arl Teagan to flee for the capital, her support among the nobility dwindled rapidly. What this will mean for her rule in the coming years — particularly with renewed interest from neighboring Orlais — remains to be seen.


 Codex 38 Saarath

This letter was clearly written a few lines at a time over the course of multiple days, as the ink at the start has already faded slightly:


It is no longer my role to instruct others in the Qun, but I will share what I can with you if it brings you peace.

You are not alone in your struggles to achieve mastery of yourself and your purpose. Many viddathari come to the Qun filled with fear and anger. These feelings build walls brick by brick within the self. They prevent you from seeing the others around you, from seeing the world as it is, and they convince you that you are alone and in darkness, that you must fend for yourselves. The walls are real. But the darkness and the solitude, the world that they create within the self: that is all illusion. You must work to tear down the walls if you wish to see the truth, and the truth is this: no one is alone. It was the wisdom revealed to Koslun in the desert long ago. What looks like darkness is only the space between stars.

This portion of the letter is slightly newer, and the handwriting, which was exceptionally tidy at first, has become somewhat looser, as if written in a hurry:

And it is not just viddathari who struggle with these illusions. The world changes the self, and we must balance mastery upon its turning tides. Once I was an ashkaari, and I spent my days examining the philosophy of the Qun and trying to seek the enlightenment that Koslun found. But my dreams of demons took me down a new path.

Here, the writing is filled with crossed-out passages, and the script becomes shaky. Some of the ink is still wet:

And now with the song liquid—crossed out. And now I study the dam which holds back magic at is source. We will—crossed out Things change, little Tallis. The world changes. Find purpose in people around you, and your role will be clear. Remember when—crossed out. It will be hard to find wisdom in the noise. The noise is an illusion. Like the darkness. But the walls are real. Remember that. Tear down the walls first, and you will see the truth.



 Codex 39 Samson

I want this made clear to every man and woman in our army: do not challenge the red templars' leader, General Samson, on your own.

You may have heard stories of how Samson used to be a templarin Kirkwall until he was thrown out of the Order, that he became a vagrant begging for coin to buy lyrium. That man no longer exists. The fiend who attacked us at Haven had the strength of a dozen men. Samson has the training of a templar and all the power of red lyrium at his command. For those who did not see it firsthand, he is as dangerous as any demon. Perhaps worse. Treat him as such.

I will hold personally accountable any officers who do not communicate this order to their soldiers.

—Letter from Commander Cullen, issued to commanding officers and read to all Inquisition soldiers


 Scout Harding
 Codex 40 Scout Harding

Forward camp has been established in the Fereldan Hinterlands, and suitable locations for other outposts have been identified. Progress into the area proceeded ahead of projected schedules, thanks to a local volunteer.

For further details, read on:

Sleiter was ambushed and overwhelmed by bandits and might have died if not for the timely intervention of Lace Harding, who rescued Sleiter with two well-aimed stones from a sling. Her family mabari ran off the remaining three bandits. Harding and Contessa (the mabari) escorted Sleiter back to the forward camp, followed at a distance by the small herd of ambling sheep that belonged to a neighbor of the Harding family. Once there, she requested a map, which she proceeded to fill out with helpful details, most notably known bandit hideouts and ambush points. Map completed, Lace Harding took her sheep and returned home.

We did not expect her to return the next morning, now outfitted with a small bow and leather jerkin, and absent one hound and a herd of sheep. "Maps are all right, but nothing beats a guide," she said.

That was a week ago. She's still here. I took the liberty of offering her a position as a scout.



 Ser Stroud
Codex 41 Ser Stroud

Born the younger son of a minor noble family in the Fields ofGhislain, Jean-Marc Stroud had just finished training at the Academie des Chevaliers when he received word that his family had been killed, ostensibly by bandits. In reality, they were victims of the Orlesian Great Game. Ser Stroud's plan to find his family's murderers was cut short when the Grey Warden, Clarel, recruited Stroud on the advice of the Academie trainers, who did not wish to see a promising young chevalier throw his life away in fruitless pursuit of vengeance. Unable to refuse such a request honorably, Ser Stroud joined the Wardens and left his old life behind.

Warden Stroud has served the Grey Wardens with honor for decades. He is regarded as one of the finest swordsmen in the Order, combining his study at the Academie with years of fighting darkspawn alongside dwarves in the Deep Roads. Warden-Commander Clarel has tasked him with recruiting and training new Wardens; most young Warden warriors owe their skill to Stroud's mentorship.

Stroud prefers to travel in the Free Marches rather than Orlais, knowing his family history could cause him to become caught up in the Game, leading to accusations of political interference among the Wardens. He also has no strong opinions regarding mages or templars, although he believes both groups wrong to turn their back on the Chantry, which Stroud holds in some esteem.

—An intelligence report delivered to Leliana


 Codex 42 Sera

This report by Josephine has been defaced numerous times in a different hand:

On Sera, Red Jenny, and Velissisima Ladyparts von Knucklefronts,

It falls to me to comment on this "Red Jenny," for as a creature of the court I must have seen the effect of her actions, although I cannot be certain. Does that make them effective or ineffective? What I know is that "she" has vexed cities' guardsmen across Thedas, and always escaped. Accessing all available records, it seems clear that there have been multiple embodiments of the name, often at the same time; the limitations of communication are such that this is impossible to verify in the moment.

(A crude drawing of a guard with her breeches at her ankles.)

The severity of the attributed actions vary wildly, from petty to outright vicious. While official reports label these actions unfair, I have knowledge of many named as victims, and several are of suspect character. Sera would call them something altogether untoward.

Yes mum. *****s, the lot of them.

There are tales of "Red Jenny" targeting criminals, slavers, and even assassins' guilds. The benefit of having a "local" is that they are invested in regional concerns, although this obviously varies. I can discern no protocol.

Don't need a title to be awful and deserve it.

So who is our "Red Jenny?" She has been amusing herself in Val Royeaux for some time, although it is clear from her accent that she is deeply Fereldan. She met with outright laughter my inquiry as to whether she had any special "elven concerns" that I could address. I have conferred with Leliana about the danger of this group, and our estimation is that this incarnation of Red Jenny is, at least, a good distraction.

Aww, the scary one cares.

Dialogue option "Tell me about you background / Where are you from?"...
Addendum: Denerim
Sera's claim to have lived in Denerim cannot be verified, but seems likely. The alienage there was neither stable nor secure; many residents of the city fled the region following the Blight. Given her nature, Val Royeaux would have seemed rife with targets. Denerim has more than its share of suspect nobility, but most were rallied against a common enemy, thanks to the efforts of the Hero of Ferelden.

Forced to, more like. *****s and double *****s.

After Rooftop Cutscene in Skyhold - Requires High Approval...
Addendum: Lady Emmald
I attempted to find information about this "Lady Emmald" Sera mentioned. It is difficult, given how many noble houses were all but erased during the Blight. Emmald seems a recent name, rather than established nobility. Perhaps the title of "Lady" was a negotiated honorific due to mercantile holdings.

Didn't say she didn't work hard. Said she was a *****.

If the Inquisitor romances Sera...
Addendum: Personal Privacy
In light of your developing relationship with Sera, I wish to clarify that any and all information I have gleaned is, at best, secondhand. I would never expect to exceed your own observations, given their intimate nature, and I do not wish to intrude on your privacy.

Keep your nose out. She's mine.

Encountering darkspawn with Sera in the party...
Addendum: On Sera's hatred of darkspawn
Having read the reports, I might have expected that someone with ties to Ferelden—and specifically Denerim—would harbor a violent dislike of darkspawn. Whatever claims she has to family, all were threatened during the blight.

They don't look right. Not living.

Finding a Red Jenny Cache while exploring...
Addendum: On "Red Jenny" Caches in Populated Areas
It bewilders how such things go unnoticed, but perhaps that is the power of the practiced servant—they are keenly aware of what escapes the preoccupied eye. Sera, of course, can spy them instantly. She seems an extreme version of a very narrow definition of "perceptive." I have pressed for a schedule, or even some hint of procedure, but she is content to rely on the unknown. It may seem exciting, but I should find it ever so frustrating if I were searching.

It's just red, right? Bet she'd see it if it was on a hat out of season.

Upon sighting a High dragon...
Addendum: On Sera's Fascination with Dragons
I do not know what Sera finds in dragons that enthralls her so, but it is clear from her excited admissions that battling them speaks to her in a way for which she was not prepared. At least, in my estimation. If you seek an admission, at best she will declare "that was grand!" or similar. She's hardly introspective. Nevertheless, she has expressed an interest in any future hunts.

(A crude drawing of Sera, tongue out, standing atop a dragon, mimicking its horns with her fingers.)

Piss, can't draw saddles.

If Sera left the Inquisition...
Addendum: On Sera's Expulsion
Sera was escorted from Inquisition holdings. She took very little; I expect we will not have the pleasure of meeting her again. That we know of. We may find ourselves once more on her list of potential noble targets, but I do wonder how the pranks of Red Jenny in absentia could be any worse than the pranks she played while here.



Shaper Valta
Codex 43 Shaper Valta

My daughter,

I regretted the way we parted from the moment you leftOrzammar. The words I spoke shame the Ancestors and ourhouse. Your mother still won't speak to me.

Yesterday, I passed a funeral for a legionnaire. I looked in as they tattooed her face. The weigh of the ink seemed heavy. In moments, she aged twenty years. I know you are not a part of the Legion, but sometimes it feels like I have lost my daughter all the same.

I remember when you were a little girl. You'd drag me to the Shaperate just to skip down the aisles of books and records. You'd hum softly and run your tiny fingers along the spines of tomes you'd one day study. I still expect to find you there.

They tell me the Legion commander with you is one of the best and I shouldn't worry. It may be weak, but I'm not ready to lose you to the Stone. Please be careful.

Your father


 Codex 44 Solas


I understand our first order of business must be to investigate this bizarre breach in the sky and protect people from the demons descending. While my search continues, I wish to draw your attention to a new arrival at our camp: an elven apostate calling himself Solas.

Solas entered the camp voluntarily, surrendering his staff to Chantry forces without protest. He is not Dalishand says that he has never been part of the Circle, claiming instead to have studied magic peacefully on his own... particularly magic tied to the Fade.

While I suspect you will be reluctant to accept the help of an apostate, Solas did come to us freely. Witnesses saw him in a nearby village at the time of the blast, so he was likely not responsible for what happened at the Conclave. However, he has described the effects of the Breach in enough detail to convince me that he knows more about the Fade than anyone else present.

Solas has requested permission to study the lone survivor and one of the smaller rifts, in hopes of finding a way to seal the Breach. He has correctly guessed that it is growing, and believes it will destroy the entire world unless we find a way to stop it. Unless you object, I will allow him his studies—under proper observation, of course.




Despite my efforts, I have been unable to locate Solas. From the site of your battle withCorypheus, he was last seen headed west, still distraught over the destruction of the orbCorypheus carried. From there he disappeared, evading my people so easily and so completely that I am forced to wonder how much he knew about them.

When Solas initially approached the Inquisition and offered aid, I questioned him extensively about his background and history. He was evasive, but he did give the name of the village where he grew up, noting that it was small, unlikely to appear on any map.

I hate loose ends, so I kept a few of my agents searching, to verify his story. They recently located the village... or what remains of it. It is a ruin, as it has been for centuries, its name preserved only in degraded form in Ancient Tevinter mysteries. Whoever Solas truly is, wherever he came from, he has deceived us from the very start.

I apologize for not investigating this more thoroughly while Solas was here. He was clearly helping us, and other matters were of greater urgency, but it was an oversight nevertheless, given how little he shared with us. It is not clear what his plans are, if any, but I will continue to search.



 Codex 45 Storvacker

She is the hold-beast of Stone-Bear Hold. All other bears in the area are mere imitations.

Storvacker. How do I even begin to explain Storvacker?

Storvacker is flawless.

She has two ancient elven trees for claw sharpening and a silver honey dish.

I hear that her claws are valued in Denerim at 10,000 sovereigns.

I hear that she sells her shed fur to Orlesian master weavers in Val Royeaux.

Her favorite story is Hard in Hightown.

One time, she met Alistair Therein [sic], fabled warrior of the Fifth Blight, and he told her she was pretty.

One time, she clawed me in the face. It was amazing.

—From Ruminations upon the Avvar and Their Customs by Reginald de Gorge


 Thane Svarah Sun-Hair
 Codex 46 Thane Svarah Sun-Hair

This appears to be an unfinished letter. The handwriting is simple, and the text has many phrases crossed out:

Lowlanders, if you be brave enough to—

Orlesians, if you be brave enough—

Merchants of Orlais, if—

To those who wish to trade with Stone-Bear Hold, you should know me. I am Thane Svarah Sun-Hair—

I am Thane Svarah Janesdotten, known as Sun-Hair. Though my blade has tasted battle-tears many—

Though my blade has tasted blood many—

Though I have fought many battles, I wish no conflict between us, but instead trade between our hold and yours. We have furs and leathers that put your lowland hides to shame, plus weapons that have tastedHakkon's winter—

We have furs and leathers that will make your warriors look strong and your lovers look supple, plus weapons—

We have excellent furs and leathers, and weapons like none seen in the lowlands. Trade honestly and well, and there will be coin for all. Cheat us, and your blood will—

Trade honestly and well, and there will be coin for all.

—Thane Svarah Sun-Hair

This is a fool's task. What lowlander would come this far for furs they have not seen?

Ah, Korth, I just wrote that instead of saying it. This stupid lowland writing vexes the mind.

The rest of the letter is a series of angry sketches of axes.


 The Champion of Kirkwall
 Codex 47 The Champion of Kirkwall

If Hawke sided with the mages...
I've heard the name "Hawke" on several lips this week. Many of us blame the Champion for the events in Kirkwall, which sparked a war and hurled all Thedas into chaos. But can we truly fault Hawke for what she/he did?

Here was a poor refugee from Ferelden who came to the Free Marches fleeing the Blight.

Coming from a family of apostates, Hawke must have spent her/his life hiding from templars, hearing about the abuses to which mages under the care of the Circle were subjected.

Make no mistake, there were abuses. We will never find a peaceful solution to this conflict until we admit that we were partially responsible.

Imagine how it must have been for Hawke when she/he rose to prominence for her/his role in ending theQunari threat of 9:34.

From refugee to Champion of Kirkwall.

Hawke's position gave her/him power and influence. Nothing could touch her/him.

If Hawke was a mage: But although the Champion of Kirkwall walked free, there were mages in the Gallowswho did not. The thought must have rankled.

If Hawke was not a mage: Hawke always had sympathy for mages, and perhaps wished to do more for them.

Are the Champion's actions during the mage uprising so hard to understand, given all I have said? Following the destruction of the chantry, Knight-Commander Meredith invoked the Right of Annulment and called for the execution of every mage in Kirkwall. It was not right; another injustice added to an already lengthy list. Hawke knew it, and stood against her.

She/He put herself/himself between the templars and the mages they sought to destroy, and became a legend. Even though she/he later disappeared, fleeing Kirkwall and the Chantry's justice, what happened in Kirkwall that day changed Thedas forever.

By defying Meredith and our Order, Hawke became a beacon for mage rebellion, that gave the mages hope, rallied them. They fought back. And here we now stand, on the eve of Divine Conclave, seeking peace before their rebellion destroys us all.

—Knight-Commander Marteu of Montsimmard, speaking to templars attending the Divine Conclave.


Trevelyan, the Free Marcher
Codex 48 Trevelyan, the Free Marcher

The Trevelyans are nobility from Ostwick, a city-state on the southern coast of the Free Marches. It is an old and distinguished family, in good standing among its peers, and with strong ties to the Chantry. Its youngest sons and daughters—those third- or fourth-born children with little chance of becoming heirs—often join the Chantry to become templars or clerics. As the youngest child, Lord/Lady [Player name] Trevelyan was expected to follow suit... until the disaster at the Conclave.

[Player name] was present at the Temple of Sacred Ashes as a representative of his/her family's interests, along with other distant relatives in the Chantry. He/She was the only survivor at the temple after the explosion. Rumors that the mysterious mark on his/her hand is a sign of the Maker's favor were spread by those who claim they saw the divine prophet, Andraste herself, lead Lord/Lady [Player name] out of the Fade.

If the Inquisitor is a mage the following section is different:
As a mage, however, Lord/Lady [Player name] Trevelyan was expected to spend his/her life in the Ostwick Circle of Magi.

A sedate place, the Ostwick Circle did not decide in favor of either templars or mages, clinging to neutrality during the rebellion. [Player name] was chosen as a delegate to the Conclave in the hopes his/her noble position would provide protection for his/her fellow mages while negotiation continued. Trevelyan was the only survivor of the explosion that rocked the Temple of Sacred Ashes.


Varric Tethras
Codex 36 Varric Tethras

"There's power in stories. That's all history is: the best tales. The ones that last. Might as well be mine."

Varric Tethras of the Dwarven Merchants Guild of Kirkwall is famous (or infamous) for two things: his books, and his association with the Champion of Kirkwall.

After the templars and Circles broke away from the Chantry, Divine Justinia V sent her agents to Kirkwall—where the roots of the war began—in search of answers. The Champion had long since disappeared, but Varric had written a book on his friends' involvement in the destruction of the Kirkwall Chantry, and the Left and Right Hands of the Divine located him with surprising ease. They captured and interrogated him, then brought him to the Conclave to give his testimony to the Divine in person, but fate decreed that he would never meet her.


 Varric and the Last Few Years
 Codex 51 Varric and the Last Few Years


Greetings and salutations from beautiful Kirkwall!

The sun is shining, the sea birds are screeching, and almost nothing in Hightown has fallen into a sinkhole and ended up in the sewers for over a month. The Red Lyrium cleanup in theGallows is going better than expected. Nobody misses havingMeredith fused to the flagstones, eerily glaring at everyone. The City Guard celebrated finally getting her out of there by holding a completely impromptu parade. Several Lowtown residents composed a song on the spot with lyrics to the effect of "Thank the Maker the crazy cursed Templar is gone," which was remarkably catchy-despite, or maybe because of, the fact that it was mostly just swearing in tune.

Even with all this stellar progress, it looks like i'm stuck here. Channels in the harbor were completely changed by falling debris a few years back, which led to a lot of ships getting wrecked coming and going, which... only made things worse. And then we had rifts open, and weird glowing fade rocks appeared out there.

Incidentally, thanks for closing the rifts.

Now the only hope for repairing the harbor is to send guys with pickaxes to clear the rocks. Ever try to hire miners who are also divers, Inquisitor? There aren't many, and even fewer are happy mining glowing ***** from the Fade. This is going to take a lot of my coin to fix.

Stop by the city some time. We'll get in a game of Wicked Grace. Please. This Viscount ***** is boring me to death.



Codex 51 Viddasala

While we still have little information on their methods, our agents have obtained considerable information on Ben-Hassrathhierarchy and organizational structure. Strictly speaking, the entire group is under the jurisdiction of the Ariqun and would therefore be considered priests. The Qunari divide all Ben-Hassrath activities into three distinct categories: "Dangerous Purpose," "Dangerous Action," and "Dangerous Questions." Three priests form a mini-triumvirate that manages all their operations, with each priest presiding over actions in a single category. We have an ongoing mission to identify the leader of the "Dangerous Questions" branch, which seems to handle the vast majority of the Qunari intelligence gathering and sabotage missions. "Dangerous Actions" appears to be the branch responsible for enforcement; their agents almost never leave Qunari-controlled territory except to hunt defectors. The branch we have had the most contact with has been "Dangerous Purpose."

This division, run by a priestess called the Viddasala, or "one who converts purpose," handles the conversion of foreigners, the reeducation of Qunari dissidents, and the collection and quarantine of magic. Things that, by Qunari definition, are threats to themselves and others by nature.

Our attempts to infiltrate the Qunari "reeducation" camps have largely proven unsuccessful. The Ben-Hassrath are all too good at spotting our agents among their converts; most spies are sent away with a patronizing remark, and the few who have been admitted to one of their "viddathlok" facilities have never reported back. We will instead redouble our efforts to locate and infiltrate one of their "darvaarad" magical quarantine sites.



Vivienne and the Last Few Years
 Codex 53 Vivienne and the Last Few Years


I fear I shall have no opportunity to meet with you prior to the Exalted Council at Halamshiral. The colleges and fraternities of enchanters are holding yet another round of elections in a few months, and I must be present to organize everything, or the Aequitarians and the Lucrosians will inevitably get drawn into the most passive-aggressive arguments over the number of ballot boxes and the arrangements of voting cards you can possibly imagine. On the last two occasions when I could not be spared from my duties at the Imperial Court, the Isolationists sealed themselves inside the debating area with ice walls, in protest over some insult from Libertarian senior enchanter from Cumberland.

I must, of course, convey the continuing approbation of the Orlesian court, through I have no doubt dear DukeCyril has already bored you to death with the Council of Heralds' compliments by now.


If Vivienne is the Divine...

My dear Inquisitor,

I hope this letter finds you well. I do apologize for the tardiness of my correspondence. I have, of course, been extremely busy, but that should never serve as an excuse for neglecting one's most influential friends. I look forward to seeing you again, my dear, though it is a pity we must meet under such disagreeable circumstances as the Exalted Council. It seems we've only just put the mage crisis to bed, and now the Fereldan Bannorn is awake and crying for attention.

I shall let Josephine give you the details of our upcoming business so that I can instead discuss more important plans for our reunion. Namely: shopping, darling. There is an excellent milliner planning to make the trip to theDales from the capital just for the occasion to meet us, and, of course, we must visit the Imperial Gardens Spa at least once.

With affection,
Divine Victoria


Vivienne: Madame de Fer
Codex 37 Vivienne: Madame de Fer

"Magic is dangerous, just as fire is dangerous. Anyone who forgets this truth gets burned."

An assiduous and talented scholar, Vivienne rose rapidly through the ranks of Montsimmard's Circle. When made a full-fledged enchanter, she elected to join no fraternity, a decision that shocked colleagues but may have been a calculated maneuver. When she successfully applied to be appointed Enchanter to the Imperial Court, nearly every fraternity clamored for her favor in hopes of having a representative at the empress's ear. She was voted First Enchanter of Montsimmard at an age young enough to cause scandal. The Circle widely regards her as the most shrewd and disciplined mage in Orlais.


 Warden-Commander Clarel
 Codex 38 Warden-Commander Clarel

To Arl Teagan Guerrin,

I sought a chance to speak with you in person, my lord, in hopes of convincing you to allow us to send further aid to Ferelden, to give the Grey Wardens in your homeland a chance to rebuild. I hope this letter succeeds where my requests for a meeting have not.

I understand Fereldan feelings regarding Grey Wardens. Sophia Dryden's actions were reprehensible. Grey Wardens are forbidden from interfering in the affairs of nations, save when we must exert our authority to battlethe Blight. Still, even you must acknowledge the vital necessity of my Order after the Blight nearly ravaged your homeland. Without the Grey Wardens, Ferelden would be a wasteland populated only by darkspawn.

I understand as well your concern that I am a mage, living outside the confines of the Circle. I have been informed that you saw magic ill-used by apostates at Redcliffe. You have my sympathy in this, but not my apology. The Maker saw fit to give me the gift of magic, along with a temperament better suited to battle than quiet meditation. I left the Circle legally, and the Grey Wardens gave me a chance to use my abilities to defend our land. I am no apostate.

My first interest, Arl Teagan—indeed, my only interest—is to see this world protected from the Blight. I may beWarden-Commander of Orlais, but I am not Orlesian at heart. I am a Grey Warden and nothing more, and I will defend this land from horrors you cannot even imagine. My oath comes before political ambition, before concerns about the rights of mages. It will one day come before my own survival.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Warden-Commander Clarel de Chanson


 Xenon the Antiquarian (Inquisition)
 Codex 42 Xenon the Antiquarian (Inquisition)

I left the Black Emporium empty-handed for two reasons. First: most of the items were priced far beyond what I could afford. Second: I spent most of my short time there trying to sate my curiosity about its proprietor. I found myself stealing glances at the Antiquarian from behind piles of books, between shelves, and at one point, over a basket of mismatched socks. There he sat, petrified, in the center of the Emporium, skin of waxy grey over ancient taut sinew, moaning in a voice so dry and brittle it sounded like the snapping of twigs after a drought.

A girl of not more than twelve scurried to and fro to fulfill his numerous requests. Another patron noticed my fascination and told me that the girl—most likely an urchin rescued from the street—was responsible for the needs of the Antiquarian—feeding, washing, and the like. So impossibly old is he and so fragile his skin, he can only tolerate the barest whisper of touches from the smallest and most tender of his servants.

"Only in this way may he come close to his lost youth," said the man.

I was surrounded by objects of legend, yet none fascinated me as did the Antiquarian.

—From a journal page found in Kirkwall's Darktown, written by an unknown author.

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