Coracavus is located in Prison Ruins of The Western Approach. You must complete the War Table Operation: Find Source of Darkspawn Attacks in order to have access to this area.

As you enter there will be some Ghouls and a Hurlock to your right. Kill them and back track a tiny bit and go down the stairs to the left. The Holding Cells are in this area. There is some loot and a couple of Ghouls. Kill the Ghouls and light the Veilfire in the cell to the right of them. The very first cell (as you come down the stairs) on the right hand side will have a Spirit Rune Schematic. Head back up the stairs and go straight and left. You will be attacked by a Ghoul. Kill it an keep moving. There will be a group of Darkspawn and Ghouls at the end of the short corridor. Kill them and use a Mage to seal the tunnel.

Head left through the doorway and go right. In the next room there will be more Ghouls and Hurlocks as well as a Hurlock Alpha. On the rightt-hand side is a door that requires Deft Hands, Fine Tools to open. Kill all the enemies and loot the many chests here. Go straight (straight from the way you came in) and down on the other side of the bridge is a passage way which goes left. Head there and kill the next group of enemies. At the end of this corridor, there is a corpse with a key. It opens the door right next to it. Open the door and head down the passage way. There will be a door to your right that opens into a large courtyard with a Giant.

After you kill the Giant make your way around the courtyard and loot the chests here. Head through the door on your left (left from where you entered) and out the door down the steps. This will take you to Echo Back Canyon and Echo Back Canyon Camp where you can continue on with the quest: The Trouble with Darkspawn.


Enemies (Level 15)



  • Door in Records Room that requires Deft Hands, Fine Tools to open. Contains: some Trash and a Mosaic ("Victim" ??).

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