Cowl of the Overseer


21 Armor Rating

Unique Helmet

Item Level 11
Bonus-Icon_Grey.png +7% Cold Resistance
Bonus-Icon_Grey.png +7% Fire Resistance
Bonus-Icon_Grey.png +4% Magic Defense

Restriction: Elf, Dwarf, Human only
Requirement: Level 8

The Cowl of the Overseer is a Unique Helmet in Dragon Age: Inquisition.


About the Cowl of the Overseer

The Cowl of the Overseer is a Helmet which confers the following bonuses:

  • 21 Armor
  • +7% Cold Resistance
  • +7% Fire Resistance
  •  +4% Magic Defense


How to get the Cowl of the Overseer

Location: Griffon Keep in the The Western Approach

Notes: ??



Terms and Explanations



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