Cyril de Montfort

Cyril de Montfort
Race Human
Gender Male
Affiliation -

Cyril de Montfort is a NPC in Dragon Age: Inquisition

"Cyril de Montfort is the son of Duke Prosper de Montfort."



Related Quests

  1. Dance with the Dowager (War Table Mission)
  2. Trespasser (Quest)



  • Cyril de Montfort cannot be romanced.


Background, Dialogue & Other Notes/Trivia

  • Cyril de Montfort appears to be bisexual as he can show signs of interest in both a male Hawke and female Hawke.
  • Cyril is also a fan of Varric Tethras, asking him for spoilers to his next book during the Exalted Council.
  • Cyril mentions that his mother was a friend of Leandra Amell when both were young.

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