Demons are, for the most part, malicious spirits which have entered Thedas from the Fade through the Breach. They tend to embody or are aligned with the concept of mortal sins, such as Rage, Sloth or Desire. Demons are intelligent, and they crave contact with and to join the living. Demons are shapeshifters in their natural habitat of the Fade, but in the mortal world, their inability to reconcile with the physical world turns them monstrous and terrifying in form. Many demons will attempt to possess a living being, as a way of protecting their sanity in the mortal world. To destroy a demon without killing its host, one must enter the Fade and confront it directly - a risky endeavor. 

Despair Demon

Armor: Very Low
Strength: Cold
Weakness: Fire
Immunities: Freeze, Sleep, Chill

Fear Demon

Armor: Very high Average
Strength: None 
Weakness: Electricity, Spirit
Immunities: Fear, Freeze, Sleep, Weaken

Pride Demon

Armor: Very High
Strength: Electricity
Weakness: None 
Immunities: Physical Effects, Freeze, Sleep, Paralyze, Shock

Rage Demon

Armor: Very High
Strength: Fire
Weakness: Cold
Immunities: None Burning, Physical Effects*, Fear*, Paralyze*, Sleep*, Taunt*


Armor: Low
Strength: None
Weakness: None
Immunities: None


Armor: Low
Strength: None
Weakness: Spirit
Immunities: Fear


Armor: Very Low
Strength: Fire, Cold Electricity
Weakness: None
Immunities: Varies


*Only when Enraged

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