Devouring Veil

Pull of the Abyss now wrenches in enemies quickly enough to damage them.

Specialization Rift Mage
Requirement Mage Class
Pull of the Abyss unlock
Trespasser DLC
Ability Type Upgrade
Damage 500% Weapon Damage

Devouring Veil is a Mage ability from the Rift_Mage_mage_abilities_dragon_age_inquisition_wiki Rift Mage Specialization in Dragon Age: Inquisition.


About Devouring Veil


Devouring Veil is an upgrade to Pull of the Abyss which yanks enemies inwards, causing massive damage.



Notes and Tips 



Rift Mage Ability Tree




Rift Mage Abilities
Encircling Veil  ♦  Firestorm  ♦  Pull of the Abyss  ♦  Punching Down  ♦  Restorative Veil  ♦  Shaken Veil  ♦  Shatterstone  ♦  Smothering Veil  ♦  Stonefist  ♦  Twisting Veil  ♦  Unblockable Force  ♦  Veilstrike  ♦  Wounded Veil

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