Double Daggers



Rogue Ability

Restrictions None 
Requirement Rogue Class

Double Daggers in Dragon Age: Inquisition is an Ability Tree of the Rogue class.

"Experts in this style are fast and deadly, their blades slicing through enemies' defenses--and throats--before they have time to react."


 The Double Daggers Rogue is a blur of fast-moving blades, whirling around the battlefield with speed and finesse. Gaining the upper hand is their specialty, whether by subtly flanking their opponent or springing unseen from the shadows to deal devastating damage.


Double Daggers Ability Tree


Double Daggers Abilities

Active Abilities


Flank Attack

You leap through shadows to attack your foe with deadly strikes that hit them from behind.

  • Requires: Daggers
  • Number of Hits: 2
  • Damage Per Hit: 200% Weapon Damage
  • Cooldown: 8 Seconds
  • Cost: 35 Stamina



Before your target turns to face your blow, you move to stealth, impossible to find.

  • Modifies Flank Attack, granting immediate stealth after Ability use

Bleeding Flanks

Your Flank Attack leaves targets of the blow still bleeding from the cuts your daggers find.

  • Bleed Duration: 10 seconds
  • Requires: Trespasser DLC


Spinning Blades

You lash out with a set of slashing blows that bring you in and drive your target back.

  • Requires: Daggers
  • Number of Hits: 5
  • Damage Per Hit: 75% Weapon Damage
  • Cooldown: 16 Seconds
  • Cost: 65 Stamina


Neverending Spin

The number of your deadly slashes grows when you connect with earlier attacks.

  • Modifies Spinning Blades, granting more attacks
  • Additional Hits: 4


Effects are not removed from stricken foes, and targets all around feel your attack.

  • Modifies Spinning Blades, granting more attacks
  • Requires: Trespasser DLC




You quickly block a strike made by your foe, then counter as their own defenses fall.

  • Requires: Daggers
  • Damage: 50% Weapon Damage
  • Cost: 10 Stamina


Effortless Riposte

If you succeed in countering a blow, your Parry costs no Stamina at all.

  • Modifies Parry, potentially negating the Stamina cost of the Ability
  • Negates stamina cost if successful

Patient Riposte

You wait, prepared to knock away the blow, as long as stamina remains at all.

  • Cost: 5 stamina per second
  • Requires: Trespasser DLC


Twin Fangs

You lash out with both daggers, striking deep, with bonus damage if you flank your foe.

  • Requires: Daggers
  • Number of Hits: 2
  • Damage Per Hit: 200% Weapon Damage
  • Damage Bonus: 200%
  • Cooldown: 8 Seconds
  • Cost: 50 Stamina


Ripping Fangs

If Flanking, your Twin Fangs attack will keep your target's armor sundered from below.

  • Modifies Twin Fangs, increasing the damage on flanked targets
  • Damage Bonus: 50%
  • Duration: 8 Seconds

Unyielding Fangs

You deal more damage only if you keep your target facing forward, toward the blow.




You lash out hard with swift and deadly skill and then again against a wounded foe.

  • Requires: Daggers
  • Damage: 200% Weapon Damage
  • Bonus Damage: 3% For every 1% missing health
  • Health Threshold: 50%
  • Cooldown: 8 Seconds
  • Cost: 50 Stamina
  • Precision Detonator Ability: Use on incapacitated foes for a combo.


Thrill of Victory

Your strike bites deeper, and if it should kill your target, there's no cooldown on Deathblow.

  • Damage bonus: 50%
  • Modifies Deathblow, increasing its damage and removing the cooldown if the target is killed.

Surprise Attack

Instead of moving in to make the kill, you favor fresh opponents with Deathblow.



Passive Abilities


Bloodied Prey

Your strikes cut deeper into any foe whose current health is lower than your own.

  • Damage Bonus: 10%
  • Cunning on Unlock: +3


Unforgiving Chain

Your daggers blur, a dance of deadly pain. Each strike adds to your Critical Hit chance. After a Critical Attack, your chain resets as you begin another dance.

  • Critical Hit Chance: 1%
  • Dexterity on Unlock: +3


Dance of Death

You regain Stamina with every kill, the better to continue your assault.

  • Stamina Restored: 50
  • Dexterity on Unlock: +3


Sneak Attack

Attacks upon a target's back or flank are much more likely to be killing blows.

  • Critical Hit Chance: 10%
  • Cunning on Unlock: +3



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