In Dragon Age 3: Inquisition, Elven Relics or Elven Artifacts are items that help keep the Thedas and the Fade separate. When you find one, if Solas is in your party, you will get +1 Approval with him. They are scattered all about Thedas. Below is a list of known locations. Special thanks to DragonRacer from the official forums for images!.

The Hinterlands

  • 3 Artifacts
  • 1 Inside the Measuring the Veil cave
  • 1 North from the tower of Lornan's Exile, near a "The Fall" Moisaic Piece.
artifact_third_hinterlands_1_small.jpg artifact_third_hinterlands_3_small.jpg
  • 1 inside a house South from Dennet's farm.
artifact_second_hinterlands_1_small.jpg artifact_second_hinterlands_2_small.jpg artifact_second_hinterlands_4_small.jpg

The Storm Coast

  • 2 Artifacts
  • 1 in Daerwin's Mouth. This is the area to the southwest that you cannot access without completing the War Table Operation: Red Templars on the Storm Coast.
artifact_second_storm_coast_1_small.jpg artifact_second_storm_coast_4_small.jpg artifact_second_storm_coast_2_small.jpg
  • 1 Inside a cave south of the map that is also a region/landmark and has an Ocularum.

Forbidden Oasis

  • 2 Artifacts
  • 1 atop the "Ritual Rock", just east of "Oasis Camp"
  • 1 Inside the Temple of Pride in Solasan


  • 4 Artifacts
1 in Old Crestwood. Southwest of North Gate Camp. This area is only reachable after you drain the lake.
1 in Flooded Caves in a room directly across the hall from the room that contains the Fade Rift. This area requires the lake to be drained to access.
1 North of the "Burdens of Command"
1 in The Flats in the southwestern most part of the Crestwood map. This area is only reachable if the lake has been drained.

Western Approach

  • 3 Artifacts
  • 1 Inside the Still Ruins
  • 1 on the second level of Griffon Wing Keep
  • 1 in a cave south from Griffon Wing Keep if you solve the three Astrarium Puzzles.
artifact_third_western_approach_1_small.jpg artifact_third_western_approach_2_small.jpg

Emerald Graves

  • 4 Artifacts
  • 1 Near a rift on the East side
artifact_first_graves_1_small.jpg artifact_first_graves_2_small.jpg
  • 1 South from "Tree" Landmark, near a bear cave
  • 1 in "Chateau D'Onterre", in the Storage room in first floor.
  • 1 in Din'an Hanin, behind a wall in the Upper Crypt

Emprise du Lion

  • 2 Artifacts
  • 1 in Drakon's Tower follow the cliff south east.
  • 1 in Judicael's Colliseum you must drop from the edge to reach it (Northern area)

Hissing Wastes

  • 2 Artifacts
  • 1 at the base of Mountain Fortress Tomb
  • 1 at the Qarry, going down some ladders, near Sunstop Mountain Camp

  • 1 in Lost Temple of Dirthamen

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    • Anonymous

      there is only 3 in Crestwood, you need to redo that area as i think someone lined down and put 1 in front of a clue to another?

      • Anonymous

        Does anything happen after you find and activate all of the relics? Like gaining some kind of reward or something like that. And are the locations listed here all of them?

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