Explosive Toxin

Your poisons curdle the blood of your targets. Enemies that die while poisoned explode in a shower of toxic mist.

Ability Tree Sabotage
Requirement Rogue Class
Fighting Dirty unlock
Ability Type Passive
Duration 8 seconds
Radius 3 meters
Damage 50% Weapon Damage per second

Explosive Toxin is a Rogue ability from the sabotage-rogue_abilities_dragon_age_inquisition_wiki Sabotage Tree in Dragon Age: Inquisition.


About Explosive Toxin


Explosive Toxin is a passive ability which causes enemies that die while under the effect of your poison to explode in a shower of toxic mist, causing damage to nearby enemies.



Notes and Tips 

  • Unlocks: Toxic Cloud
  • ?



Sabotage Ability Tree




Sabotage Abilities
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    • Anonymous

      If I am using a dagger that has a 5% chance to poison. If the enemy dies to the poison on the weapon will Explosive Toxin still activate?

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