Fereldan Lock

Type Requisition Crafting Materials
Location Drops from hostile Humans in The Hinterlands
Notes The drop rate for this item is rather low, so if most of the Human enemies have already been defeated, then it may become difficult to complete this Requisition. It's possible to come back later at higher levels to find some more have spawned.

Fereldan Lock is a Requisition Crafting Materials in Dragon Age: Inquisition (DAI). Requisitions are special quests available in the game's regions.


Fereldan Lock Usage

Hinterlands Cage Requisition - The Hinterlands






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    • Anonymous

      Alright i finished all the quest in hinterlands including main request there. The only way to get Fereldan lock is to wait for rebel mage to respawn near Astrarium at the outskirts. At some time a templar and a wizard will fight there.

      • Anonymous

        Ive been back and fouth to the hinterlands a thousand times already and have killed every hostile there more times then i have killed anything else in the game but i have only ever had a lock be dropped twice in this game and im now level 13. Its a piss take how rare of an item this is?

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