Frostback Basin is a region in Dragon Age Inquisition. It is located at the southwestern border of Ferelden, beneath the Frostback Mountains. It is unlocked as part of Jaws of Hakkon DLC.

"Throughout history, few have dared explore the Frostback Basin. Ancient Tevinter ruins lie overgrown by thick forest, their purpose here forgotten. Rare expeditions in ages past returned with little information - or did not return at all. The exception is the Avvar, who have long travelled the basin, and, in more recent generations, established a hold along its steep mountain cliffs."

-Excerpt from the quest journal

Frostback Basin Quests


Main Quests:

Side Quests:

Requisition Quests:

  • n/a


Frostback Basin Walkthrough


Frostback Basin Sub-Locations

  • Abandoned Jail
  • Ancient Culvert
  • Basin Floor
  • Boathouse
  • Cliffside Path
  • Cloudcap Lake
  • Eastern Riverbank
  • Endarsen Pass
  • Fortress Gates
  • The Lady's Rest
  • Lakeside Road
  • Nigel's Point
  • The Old Drains
  • Overgrown Courtyard
  • Razikale's Reach
  • Research Outpost
  • The Rockspit
  • The Shallows
  • Stone-Bear Hold
  • Swamp Kuldsdotten
  • Varsdotten River
  • Western Riverbank
  • Inquisition camps
    • Basin Floor Camp
    • Canyon Camp
    • Cliffside Camp
    • Ridgline Camp
    • River Camp
    • Swampside Camp
  • Lowland Fortress
  • Old Temple

Frostback Basin Maps

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