Harritt is the Blacksmith located in Haven. This merchant is particularly important as it provides an item that allows you to re-spec your abilities.
He hails from Lothering, having escaped the Fifth Blight, and has arrived at Haven just as its demise occurred.

During the quest Haven's Best and Brightest, Harritt will introduce the Inquisitor to mechanics of crafting and upgrading weapons and armor. 


Harritt's Shop

Item for Sale Cost
The Tactician's Renewal Variable. The more you buy the higher the price becomes


Harrit's Dialogue


  • Investigate
    "What's Your Story": "..." "Can't decide if I'm the luckiest son of a ***** walking, or the exact opposite"


  • Investigate
    "Do you outfit the troops": "Not me, can't be passing out a sword to every Blighter who signs up. If you want to help the troops, talk to Threnn, the quartermaster. She'll set up Requisitions."


  • Investigate
    "Do you need my materials": "..." "Impossible to get them to risk the rare stuff, so that's on you"


  • Investigate
    "What can you make here?": "..." "You want something fancy, bring your own design. We'll see what we can do"
    "Can you improve my equipment?": "..." "You can't just slap a new hilt on your sword in the field. Bring it here, we'll make sure it's done right and proper"


  • Investigate
    "Do you have any designs?": "..." "You'll need materials. We should have what you want just outside".

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