You increase the speed of the entire party. While this ability is active, all enemies move and attack more slowly by comparison. This ability consumes and is powered by focus.

Specialization Necromancer
Requirement Mage Class
Death Siphon or Blinding Terror unlock
Ability Type Focus
Tier 1: Enemies slow by 85% for 6 seconds
Tier 2: Enemies slow by 85% for 12 seconds
Tier 3: Enemies slow by 85% for 20 seconds

Haste is a Mage ability from the necromancer_mage_abilities_dragon_age_inquisition_wiki Necromancer Specialization in Dragon Age: Inquisition.


About Haste


Haste is a focus ability which slows your enemies' movement.



Notes and Tips 

  • Haste is powered by and consumes focus.

  • ?



Necromancer Ability Tree




Necromancer Abilities
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