Helm of the Inquisitor

Location: Defeat Greater Mistral

Notes: ??

31 Armor Rating

Unique Helmet

Item Level 15
Bonus-Icon_Grey.png +9% Heal Bonus
Bonus-Icon_Grey.png +34 Maximum Health
Bonus-Icon_Grey.png +6% Melee Defense

Restriction: Elf, Dwarf or Human Only
Requirement: Level 12


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Terms and Explanations

The last leader of the original Inquisition went by the name Ameridan, a renowned dragon hunter conscripted into the Order for his heroic reputation as well as his skills as a warrior. Records of the era paint him either as a passionate man, determined to do his part to restore order, or as a man of faith, ultimately uninterested in the intricacies of leadership but willing to do what he could for the greater good. A close friend of Kordillus Drakon, the Orlesian emperor responsible for the Chantry's creation, Ameridan vanished soon after the Inquisition's dissolution. Some believe he went on a failed dragon hunt; others say he dropped out of sight so as to not overshadow the newly created Templar Order. Whatever the truth, despite an extensive search ordered by the emperor, he was never seen again.

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