Heraldy from a Herald is part of the inner circle quests of Dragon Age 3: Inquisition. The quest is given to you by Josephine. It initiates at Skyhold, upon completion of the Of Somewhat Fallen Fortune quest.
Josephine has long wished to see an example of her family's ancestral crest, which has been impossible to come by since the Montilyets' exile from Orlais.

  • Objectives:
  1. Go to the war table to find Josephine's family crest.
  2. Return to the war table.
  3. Search Val Royeaux's shops for a montilyet family crest.
  4. Present the crest to Josephine in Skyhold.

  • Boss: N/A
  • Locations: Skyhold
  • Rewards: Josephine's approval.
  • Choices & Consequences: N/A
  • Player Notes: If you have completed Josephine's personal quest and have talked romance options, you may now being a romance with her.
  • Dialogue:

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