High Stakes is a side quest in Crestwood in Dragon Age 3: Inquisition. It initiates after you've captured Caer Bronach and spoken with Liliana's agent, Charter. She asks you to look for her man Butcher. You must find him and inform her of his fate.

Butcher's body can be found near the center of the search area.

Leliana's “eyes and ears” in the region, a spy named Charter, mentions that her man Butcher seems to be running a little behind.

  • Objectives:
  1. Find Butcher.
  2. Inform Charter of Butcher's fate

  • Boss: Red Templars or Mages
  • Locations: Crestwood
  • Rewards: 128 XP, 80 Influence
  • Choices & Consequences: N/A
  • Player Notes: Opens War Table Operation: ??
  • Dialogue: "quotes here"

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