In Hushed Whispers is part of the main quest of Dragon Age 3: Inquisition. It initiates in Val Royeaux when you are approached by Grand Enchanter Fiona. You must return to your War Table in Haven and discuss what to do about it. After that, you must head to Redcliffe Road in The Hinterlands and close the Fade rift there.

Grand Enchanter Fiona, leader of the Mage Rebellion, has offered an alliance with the rebel mages at Redcliffe.

  • Objectives:
  1. Return to Haven and discuss Fiona's offer with the advisors.
  2. Travel to Redcliffe and make contact with the Mages.
  3. Close the Fade Rift.
  4. Enter Redcliffe.
  5. Go to the Gull & Lantern to meet Fiona.
  6. Meet Felix in the Chantry
  7. Power Required (15)
  8. Approach the Mages
  9. Return to the War Room
(Here the quest forces you to chose to attempt to ally with the Templars or take on Alexius. If you choose to confront Alexius, select the In Hushed Whispers operation on the war table. Cullen and Josephine will oppose but you can chose to accept the invitation from Alexius. Leliana will device a plan. Dorian is automatically a party member, leaving only two vacant slots. It is recommended to bring a lock-picking rogue.)

Approval for different choices:
Mages as Conscripts
Mages as Allies
The Iron Bull
+2 (if Hawke sided with templars in DA2)
-2 (if Hawke sided with mages)
+2 (if Hawke sided with mages in DA2)
-2 (if Hawke sided with templars)
  • Player Notes:
    • Finishing this quest opens up Havel's Shop
    • Make sure to speak to Clemence so you can recruit him as an agent.
    • Bringing Vivienne will give you a short conversation between her and Fiona. Bring Cassandra, Vivienne and Iron Bull if you wish to be anti-mage.
    • You will meet Dorian during this quest, and have an opportunity to recruit him in you chose to ally with the mages. Otherwise he will be available later.
  • Dialogue: "quotes here"

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