A short guide on how to approach Inquisition Rank, Influence and Power, as well as unlocking Perks in Dragon Age: Inquisition. Please consider this guide is just a suggestion and you may want to approach perks in your own preference.



When you enter Skyhold in game progression you want to have the Power for early access to many Orlais zones (i think i used like 64). As soon as you have access you can have your assistants gather resources which you cant reach yet easily. For ex. you can get Cullen to gather 6 Lazurite every 15 minutes, which is needed for Knight Enchanter Specialization.



How To Gain Influence, Perks and Power

    For example you can get a lot of spider Ichors at oasis (name? - the shard zone very west in Orlais) which can be used for Stormcoast requisitions.

  • NEVER USE THE 'SELL ALL' BUTTON for valuables! Stuff going to Valuables:
    (1) Bestiary items. (these rare drops really help on
    (2) Stuff needed for some 'easy to get' power + influence (= perks) requisitions like spider Ichor.

Perk order suggestions

Note: You don't need to spend all Perks when available, just press [back].
I went with general ('Inquisition'?) and 'Force' perks mostly at start-up. Not sure if this is perfect since i lose the +XP for codex stuff. Didn't find an optimal way to get a lot of influence by requisitions before 'oasis' ). Anyways, here my selection:

  1. + Expand inventory to 90.
  2. + 4 healing potions extra so you have 12=8+4.
  3. + 2nd level Focus
  4. + 10% inc damage reduction to all party members (Force). Available when you got your 1st siege (took some tries but i did western approach in hard mode at level 12).
  5. + Deft Hands (master lockpicking)
  6. + Forward Scouting
  7. + 3rd level Focus
  8. + 3rd potion slot for additional tonics and potions
  9. + Larger radius for searching ('v') clickies.

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    • Anonymous

      Are you sure this isn't just opinion based. When it came to the perks I went with getting the Underworld Knowledge, Arcane Knowledge, Nobility Knowledge, and History Knowledge in the beginning, while focusing on also getting the expanded inventory and such. The Deft hands is better saved till you move to skyhold, as its easier to get more influence later on. Also power isn't just used in Skyhold only, its used a few times in Havens part, and is pretty simple to gather, just about anything you do for the Inquisition or quests gets you that power. Requisition quests don't always gotta be the easy ones, plenty of the later ones you get in areas unlocked from skyhold got some interesting ones that award more influence. Hinterlands, Stormcoast, Fallow Mire, and the Forbidden Oasis all award 100 influence for their Requisitions. Skyholds unlocked areas award 200 to 300 I think. Also regarding the perks, the Enchanced Studies given by Secrets category, increases the influence and xp you get from researching items. For the most part, perks should be up to what the person thinks they need most, as some perks are best taken now, or later, or vary on usefulness depending on the situation. The Knowledge perks allow some hidden dialogue, ability to recruit agents or complete/proceed quests at ease, and there are times it unlocks more war table operations.

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