Inquisition Perks are gained by spending points after leveling up your Inquisition Rank. They are not related to any specific advisor, and benefit the Inquisitor directly.

  • Note: This category has the very valuable perks that Increase Inventory Capacity.
Name Description Prerequisite
History Knowledge Detailed study of Thedas's past. Opens up new dialogue options related to history and the Chantry. Grants an additional +50% XP for each codex entry found. n/a
Antivan Tailoring Antivan tailors are famed for their ability to hide pockets seamlessly in garments. A few words to the Inquisition's friends to the north, and its forces can carry more items in the field. Increases inventory capacity by 15. n/a
Imperial Court Tailoring The best tailors of Val Royeaux, experienced in the intricacies of the Grand Game, can add hidden compartments to armor and clothing, allowing even more items to be carried at once. Increases inventory capacity by 15. Antivan Tailoring
Tempered Glass Flasks Better techniques in glass-working make more durable flasks, allowing more potions to be carried safely at one time. Adds one more potion slot for all party members. n/a
Exclusive Training Gain 1 combat talent point, for the Inquisitor only. Invest 5 points in Inquisition Perks category.
Deeds Renown A better network of bards and criers makes every Inquisition deed garner more power across Thedas. Invest 4 points in Inquisition Perks category.
Horsemaster Dennet (Agent) Dennet lends his considerable experience with the training and handling of various steeds for the Inquisition. Recruit Horsemaster Dennet.

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