It Remains to be Seen

Location Frostback Basin
Type Side Quest
Next Quest Guests of the Hold
Previous Quest Jaws Of Hakkon (Quest)

It Remains to be Seen is a Quest in Dragon Age: Inquisition. It is part of the Jaws of Hakkon DLC. The Jaws of Hakkon have used human bones in some sort of magic ritual. Learning more about this magic could offer insight into their intent.

Important NPCs



  1. Recover Enchanted Skulls (x5)
  2. Talk to The Augur about Enchanted Skulls
  3. Use Veilfire to learn more about Avvar Magic
  4. Return to The Augur





  • This quest is obtained after collecting any 1 of the Enchanted Skulls in Swamp Kuldsdotten (Frostback Basin).
  • Collect the remaining 4 enchanted skulls scattered around the Swamp. (They are rather easy to spot. They are stored in large yellow wooden triangular cages).
  • Then speak to The Augur at Stone-Bear Hold. He will ask you to examine the veilfire runes in the hold.
  • Light the veilfire in The Augur's Hut (the green flame) and head to the Northern end of the hold.
  • You will find 3 veilfire runes that unlock codex entries.
  • After seeing all 3, return to The Augur and speak to him to complete the quest.

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