Jaws of Hakkon DLC Missions


Jaws of Hakkon DLC Missions are operations available depending on your companions and advisors.

Area Unlock Missions

Investigate Frostback Basin

Requires 8 Power. Available upon reaching Skyhold after Jaws of Hakkon DLC.
"To Ambassador Josephine Montilyet,

Thank you so much for your earlier correspondence. I confess it's been difficult to get those in Orlais to take this discovery seriously in light of recent events, but I am positive that scouting the Frostback Basin will yield historic discoveries beneficial to both the academic field and the Inquisition. As a staunch supporter, I am honored to be working in such great company on this historic occasion.

Yours, most sincerely,
Professor Bram Kenric
University of Orlais"
Josephine Leliana Cullen
Unlocks Frostback Basin N/A N/A



Other Missions


Send Relics of Tyrdda Bright-Ax

Available upon making contact with Avvars in Frostback Basin, if you have previously completed Locate Weapon of Tyrdda Bright-Axe.
"The Avvar of Stone-Bear Hold greatly respect Tyrdda Bright-Ax, the legendary founder of the Avvar. An earlier search located the spot where many of Tyrdda Bright-Ax's possessions were left (her body of course had been destroyed in accordance with how the Avvar dealt with their dead). While her weapon (apparently a mage's staff rather than an ax) may no longer be available, Stone-Bear Hold would likely appreciate other relics found at the site."
Josephine Leliana Cullen
350 Influence, The Jade Ham, +1 approval point 350 Influence, The Jade Ham, +1 approval point N/A

Send Skywatcher to Stone-Bear Hold

Available after recruiting Sky Watcher and completing Investigate Frostback Basin
"Skywatcher, the Avvar healer we encountered in the Fallow Mire, is evidently respected across many holds as a wise and practical man. He has expressed an interest in seeing Stone-Bear Hold. Having him pay the hold a visit on behalf of the Inquisition might garner more respect with them."
Josephine (9 min) Leliana Cullen (5:30 min)
240 Influence, +1 approval point N/A 240 Influence, +1 approval point

An Appeal to the Shaperate

Available after completing Worthy of Publication.
"While historical documents shed light on Orinna's time as Inquisitor Ameridan's companion, little is known of her early life in Orzammar. The Orzammar Shaperate contains an immeasurable wealth of knowledge pertaining to the thaig's past. Professor Kenric has made several requests to study their records, all of which were denied. As an ally of the Inquisition, Orzammar may be more willing to answer a petition from Skyhold."
Josephine (24 min) Leliana (18 min) Cullen
Master Demon-Slaying Rune Master Demon-Slaying Rune N/A

A Cultured Exchange

Available after recruting Sigrid Guldsdotten
"Sigrid Guldsdotten is a very, shall we say, interesting choice of recruit, Inquisitor. Commander Cullen has had a great deal to say on the matter. Still, we've had interest from scholars and mages beside themselves at the chance to speak with a "stable" abomination. (Especially since the Chantry is too weak to forbid it with any force.) I believe that Guldsdotten, with a guide and some guards for her own protection, would be a valuable guest to send to select lectures and salons."
Josephine (18 min) Leliana Cullen (23 min)
350 Influence, 5x Avvar Twill N/A 240 Influence

Too Grizzly To Bear

Available after recruiting Storvacker
"I have found an old Avvar warrior familiar with the care and treatment of "Hold-Beasts." It was not cheap. After I persuaded him to take the job, he insisted I meet Storvacker myself. The creature mistook the lining of my coat for a bear's scruff and licked me. The Avvar was much amused, saying that Storvacker must think I'm "a cub with mange." Despite this, I have thought of a use for the beast. Let us send a batch of soldiers along with this warrior and Storvacker to other Avvar holds, to demonstrate the might of the Inquisition. We may make some allies, and the Avvar can help us patrol the mountains. No one else knows the Frostbacks as well as they do. - Commander Cullen"
Josephine Leliana (30 min) Cullen (22:30 min)
N/A 240 Influence 350 Influence, Duke's Mane Schematic

Assuage Ameridan's Heirs

Available after completing Ameridan's End
"In light of new evidence regarding Inquisitor Ameridan's heritage, the d'Ameride family of Orlais has complained of harassment by the Dalish clan Ghilain, who insist that the d'Amerides have profited for centuries by claiming descent from Inquisitor Ameridan. Clan Ghilain has historically made the same claim, but authorities ignored them. The Dalish would like reparations, while the d'Amerides would like this embarrassing matter to disappear."
Josephine (25 min) Leliana (16 min) Cullen (22 min)
 Plate Mail of the Dragon Hunter Schematic,   Vestments of the Dragon Hunter Schematic,   Armor of the Dragon Hunter Schematic

A Conspiracy of Dunces

Available after recruiting Trader Helsdim Rolfsen
"This Avvar trader, Helsdim Rolfsen, sent us a report claiming that "a Plot against your Inquisitor" is brewing in Churneau. He put forth some very fanciful theories (some speculation about "Andrastian bloodlines" and "northern magic formulae developed to Control Weather"), but I recognized a few names. Petty agitators are spreading rumors to attract attention from higher places. If Rolfsen can identify the cabal's ringleaders, I can end it before it does us any real harm. - Leliana"
Josephine (25 min) Leliana (18 min) Cullen 
240 Influence 350 Influence,  Master Dragon-Slaying Rune N/A

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