Linnea is a mage in Dragon Age: Inquisition. She is encountered during the In Hushed Whispers quest in Redcliffe's tavern. She claims to have been from the Ostwick Circle, and to recognize a Human Mage Inquisitor, though the Inquisitor does not recognize her.
Talking to Linnea will reveal some lore insight about the Tevinter Imperium, or at least an alternative (and biased) interpretation. She believes that their mages are free without any specific effect in the world, and that the tales of Blood Magic are scare tactics by the Chantry.
During the segment of the quest that takes place in the future, Linnea reveals herself to have become (or been all along) a fanatical follower of Alexius, who unflinchingly sacrifices an acquaintance in order to summon demons that attack the future Inquisitor.
If the Inquisitor recruits the Templars rather than the mages, a woman named Linnea appears in the quest Under Her Skin; when Leliana activates a spying crystal in Calpernia's camp, one of the conversations detected is one in which Calpernia addresses a woman named Linnea who is apparently serving Calpernia tea.

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