lyrium_potion_icon.png Lyrium Potions in Dragon Age 3: Inquisition increase the player's Magic by 30 for 20 seconds (accessed by hitting L1). 5 can be carried at a time by the player, but this number can be increased by Inquisition Perks or by using Belts that increase the number. They are replenished when restocking at potion stations (they cost 1 Elfroot each). They can be upgraded at Potion stations.

When you go to Val Royeaux the first time, an arrow will be shot into the ground. Examine the arrow to receive a quest. This quest will lead you to companion Sera. Complete the quest and invite Sera to join the inquisition. This will give you the [[Red Jenny: Inquisition Needs Beeees!]] operation. Go to the War Table on the Fereldan side complete the operation to receive this recipe.

Increase Maximum Mana: Increases maximum mana by 25.
18 Elfroot, 1 Black Lotus
Increase Maximum Mana Bonus: Increases the mana bonus by 25.
11 Embrium, 11 Deathroot, 2 Rashvine Nestle
Increase Duration: Increases duration by 20 seconds.
11 Embrium, 11 Deathroot, 2 Rashvine Nestle
Increase Magic Bonus: Increases the Magic bonus by 30.
9 Embrium, 18 Arbor Blessing, 2 Amrita Vein

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