Mark of the Rift

Type Inquisitor Abilities
Effect Type Activated
Activation 1 bar of focus min.
Description You have gained Mark of the Rift, a focus based ability.
Mark of the Rift causes massive damage and can even kill some enemies instantly.

Mark of the Rift is an Inquisitor Ability in Dragon Age: Inquisition

How to Obtain


Mark of the Rift Information

  • The Inquisitor momentarily opens a rift with their Anchor, briefly sundering the Veil and sucking their enemies physically into the Fade.
  • Mark of the Rift is powered by focus; energy gathered automatically during combat. One full bar of focus is required to use Mark of the Rift, using more focus will increase the duration of the spell.
  • Mark of the Rift will deal continuous spirit damage and stuns enemies caught in the area of effect. Stronger enemies can resist the skill and may not be killed by the ability immediately.



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