On Ameridan's Trail

Location Frostback Basin
Type Side Quest
Next Quest Ameridan's End
Previous Quest What Yet Lingers

On Ameridan's Trail is a Quest in Dragon Age: Inquisition. It is part of the Jaws of Hakkon DLC. The wards on the wall have been disabled but the wall is still guarded by the Hakkonites.

Important NPCs



  1. Follow the River and Look for Spires.
  2. Follow the spire path to an ancient ruin
  3. Clear Hakkonites from the ruins
  4. Wait for Harding and Kenric to arrive.
  5. Investigate the area.
  6. Find a way to take down the barrier.
  7. Look for more clues.





  • This quest is obtained by talking to Thane Svarah Sun-Hair after completing What Yet Lingers and Avvar Allies.
  • After talking to him, walk along the river, passing the checkpoints.
  • You need to find the path leading to the Ruins guarded by Hakkonites. 
  • Kill them, go towards the small campsite and wait for Kenric and Harding to arrive.
  • After speaking with them, head to the northern part of the stronghold.
  • Here you will find a puzzle of switches that you need to solve to get through to collect some loot.
  • You activate them by stepping on them. You can reset them using the lever.
  • You need to do it in such a way that the combination looks exactly like the one in front of the door.
  • Do it in this order:
    • First Door: The one in the center, then the 4 around it (Up,Down,Left,Right) (not the corner ones). 
    • Second Door: Then hit all the switches on the outside (including corner ones). Do not hit the center.
  • Then head up the stairs and destroy the barrier using veilfire atop the wall. To get to it, use the wooden scaffolding to your left to clmb up.
  • Then head inside till you find another veilfire. Use it to examine the 2 runes (one in each corner). 
  • Then head back to the veilfire, where you will see a lever closeby. Use it and activate the spire.
  • The cutscene will show you the direction where you need to go. Head that way till you reach a large gate.
  • Activate all the levers to open the gate. Quest completes upon using the last one.

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