On Broken Knees

Location Deep Roads
Type Main / Side / Requistion
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Previous Quest -

On Broken Knees is a Quest in Dragon Age: Inquisition. It is part of  The Descent DLC. A Warden who heard her Calling left behind a diary describing her final experiences in the Deep Roads. Her journal included a hand-drawn map emphasizing a landmark she discovered. This could prove useful.

Important NPCs

  • None 


  1. Find the area shown in Alisa's Sketch.



  • +1269 XP
  • +150 Influence
  • + 100~200 Gold
  • Valos Atredum
  • Random accessories,armors or weapons



  • This quest is obtained by reading a note found inside of the first Sacrificial Gate of Segrummar in Darkspawn Warrens.
  • The location shown is in the Ruins of Heidrun Thaig. Just head down the elevator, then cross the bridge and keep going straight following the quest marker till it begins to flash at the edge of a cliff. 
  • You need to jump down onto the side, below the cliff and walk along that small path to find it. 
  • See this Video Guide for more info.

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