Patch 6 was released on March 2015
  • [PC] Enabled binding of additional mouse buttons for mice with more than two buttons.
  • [PC] Fixed issue that caused abilities to not be usable in tactical mode when using mouse look toggle.
  • [PC] Fixed issue that caused mouse look toggle to turn off during looting.

  • [PC] Fixed issue that prevented resurrecting characters who had died in deep water.

  • [PC] Fixed issue that could cause the journal to act in unexpected ways when expanding categories with the mouse.

  • Improved stability.

  • Changed Solas's quest “What Lies Dormant” to trigger when reading the after-action report for “Measure Veil Strength” instead of when the time completes.

  • Fixed issue that could break the “Perseverance” quest in certain circumstances.

  • Fixed case where the GUI did not come back after opting out of light conversations in certain circumstances.

  • Adjusted position of mosaic pieces for “The Fall” so they can all be collected.

  • Fixed issue that caused some dragonlings in the Hinterlands to become non-hostile when the dragon was killed.

  • Fixed issue that caused the cave opened by the Abyssal High Dragon to become closed again in certain circumstances.

  • Buffed the Katari multiplayer kit slightly so that it has more HP and generates guard on hit.

  • Fixed issue where Shatter and Rupture combos would be reported twice in multiplayer session stat

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