pitch_Grenade_icon.png Pitch Grenades in Dragon Age 3: Inquisition coat the targeted area in pitch, slowing any enemy in its location for 60 seconds (accessed by hitting L1). ? can be carried at a time by the player, but this number can be increased by Inquisition Perks or by using Belts that increase the number. They are replenished when restocking at potion stations. They can be upgraded at Potion stations.

  • Location of Recipe: ??

Increase Duration I: Increases duration by 30 seconds.

Increase Duration II: Increases duration by 30 seconds.

Debilitate I: Enemies caught in the pitch suffer 25 percent extra damage from all sources and inflict 25 percent less damage.

Debilitate II: Increases the damage bonus against enemies by 25 percent and the damage penalty of enemies by 25 percent.

Immobilize: Targets at the initial explosion location are stunned for 10 seconds.

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