You're an unstoppable fury of physical force while this ability is active. Your attacks are harder and faster, and you gain health with each strike. This ability consumes and is powered by focus.

Specialization Reaver
Requirement Warrior Class
Blood Frenzy or Fervor unlock
Ability Type Focus
Duration 15 seconds
Attack Speed Tier 1: 10%
Tier 2: 20%
Tier 3: 30%
Life Steal Tier 1: 10%
Tier 2: 20%
Tier 3: 30%
Damage Tier 1: 10%
Tier 2: 20%
Tier 3: 30%

Rampage is a Warrior ability from the reaver-warrior_abilities_dragon_age_inquisition_wiki Reaver Specialization in Dragon Age: Inquisition.


About Rampage


Rampage is a focus ability which gives you bonus attack speed, damage and life steal.



Notes and Tips 

  • This ability is powered by and consumes Focus.

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Reaver Ability Tree




Reaver Abilities
Blood Frenzy  ♦  Devour  ♦  Dragon-Rage  ♦  Fervor  ♦  Leashed Fury  ♦  Lifeblood  ♦  Painbringer  ♦  Ravage  ♦  Ring of Pain   ♦  Scenting Blood  ♦  Terrifying Fury  ♦  Torrent of Pain

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