Red Templars on the Storm Coast

Location Storm Coast
Type Main
Next Quest Any Available
Previous Quest War Table: Red Templars on the Storm Coast

"Red Templars on the Storm Coast" is a Quest in Dragon Age: Inquisition

Important NPCs

  • Varric
    (Gain  appoval for Red Lyrium Quests)



  1. Detroy all Red Templars
  2. Gain Access to Rowboat (Leads to Dragon Isle)
  3. LOOT



  • + ?? XP
    I didnt pay attention to this, feel free to edit.



  • Best way to begin is to fast travel to the "Driftwood Margin Camp" loacation.  There, to the northwest, you will see the previously inaccessible location marked by a cave icon on the map.  Travel to the cave, now unlocked by the War Table Quest "Red Templars on the Storm Coast" and travel through there until you get to the broken bridge (Daerwin's Mouth).  Plant your flag to claim the location then travel back a ways and look to the walls for a 'blind skull gang' image on the wall, near which, there will be the cave path forward.
  • Main way through is upper level, through the furthest building back in the large cavernous area.  So loot everything else before going forward.   Not much else to tell, no main boss, just destroy all templars until the map is cleared.   this will gain you access to a "still seaworthy" boat that can take you to Dragon's Island.

    ***If you remember when you first came to the Storm Coast or if you havent killed the Giant yet, you will remember seeing this dragon battle and maybe kill the giant on the coast.
    This dragon's name is VINSOMER.   This is his island where you will be able to fight him and if you can, kill him.   Vinsomer's loot includes the "Master Dragon Slaying Rune" Schematic.

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