image name category usage location notes
decorative_gems_icon.png Decorative Gems Requisition Crafting Materials Hinterlands Tapestry Requisition- The Hinterlands Drops from hostile Humans in The Hinterlands Needed 4
Diseased_Tissue_Icon_small.png Diseased Tissue Requisition Crafting Materials Elixir Requisition in the Mire- The Fallow Mire Can be looted from floating corpses in the water in The Fallow Mire -
Fereldan_Lock_Icon_small.png Fereldan Lock Requisition Crafting Materials Hinterlands Cage Requisition - The Hinterlands Drops from hostile Humans in The Hinterlands The drop rate for this item is rather low, so if most of the Human enemies have already been defeated, then it may become difficult to complete this Requisition. It's possible to come back later at higher levels to find some more have spawned.
logging_stand_icon_small.png Logging Stand Requisition Crafting Materials Requisition for Weapons - Haven 1 is north of Haven. -
placeholder Spider Ichor Requisition Crafting Materials Antivenom Requisition on the Coast- The Storm Coast Drops from Spiders on The Storm Coast
(may need to activate requisition quest before they will start to drop)

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