Rift Mage


Mage Specialization

Restrictions Mage only

qunari-iconQunari only

Requirement Way of the Rift Mage

Rift Mage is a specialization of the  Mage class in Dragon Age 3: Inquisition.


These mages draw upon the force of the Fade, either pulling matter from the Fade to attack or twisting the Veil itself into a weapon to stagger or crush their enemies.


How to Become a Rift Mage

You must complete the quest Way of the Rift Mage in order to receive this Specialization. It initiates by speaking with Your Trainer (that is actually the NPC's name) in the Skyhold courtyard after completing the Specializations for the Inquisitor War Table Operation. You must collect 20 Ring Velvet and 3 Venatori Tomes from the 3 locations listed below. They are NOT random drops, but instead drop from 3 specific enemies. Once you've collected the above materials you must craft the Tome of Rifts at an "Inspect Requisitions" bench.

Assemble a tome of rifts, study rift magic, and Your Trainer will reveal the secrets of the Rift Mage specialization. Collect tomes from the Venatori at: 1 in Ghilan’nain’s Grove, 1 in Halin’sulahn, and 1 in the Desolate Bank in The Exalted Plains. Readings can be found among the belongings of Solas or, if those are unavailable, among the wares of the book merchant in Val Royeaux.

  • Objectives:
  1. Acquire Writing on Rift Magic.
  2. Acquire three Venatori Tomes.
  3. Acquire 20 Ring Velvet.
  4. Gather materials for a tome of rifts.


Rift Mage Ability Tree




Rift Mage Abilities

Rift Mage Active Abilities

Veilsrike.png Veilstrike

You recreate your own fist from the essence of the Fade and smash nearby foes to the ground.

  • Area of Effect: 5 Meters
  • Cooldown Time: 24 Seconds
  • Cost: 35 Mana
You cast Veilstrike more easily, and the blow weakens your enemies, causing them to do less damage.

  • Cost Reduction: 15 mana
  • Weakened Duration: 10 seconds


Veilstrike can only be used at your location, but the cooldown is reduced whenever you take damage.

  • Cooldown Reduction: 50%
  • Requires: Trespasser DLC

Stonefist.png Stonefist

You summon a boulder from the Fade and smash it into your target, sending it flying.

  • Spirit Damage: 500% Weapon Damage
  • Cooldown Time: 8 Seconds
  • Cost: 50 Mana
  • Impact Detonator Ability: Use on incapacitated foes for a combo.
The boulder summoned by Stonefist now explodes on impact, weakening and staggering nearby enemies.

  • Area of Effect: 4 Meters
  • Weakened Duration: 10 Seconds


Stonefist now deals additional damage against enemies with guard.

  • Bonus Damage vs. Guard: 250%
  • Requires: Trespasser DLC

Pull_of_the_abyss.png Pull of the Abyss

You create a tiny rift that pulls enemies toward a central point.

  • Area of Effect: 6 Meters
  • Duration: 12 Seconds
  • Cooldown Time: 32 Seconds
  • Cost: 65 Mana
You can cast Pull of the Abyss more often, and enemies caught in its effect are weakened.

  • Cooldown Reduction: 8 seconds
  • Weakened Duration: 10 seconds


Pull of the Abyss now wrenches in enemies quickly enough to damage them.

  • Damage: 500% weapon damage
  • Requires: Trespasser DLC


Rift Mage Focus Ability

Firestorm.png Firestorm

You summon flaming meteors, raining fire down upon enemies all over the area for the next several seconds. This ability consumes and is powered by focus.

Radius: 6 Meters
Fire Damage: 150% Weapon Damage
Duration: 15 Seconds
  • Tier 1: You summon 15 meteors.
  • Tier 2: You summon 30 meteors.
  • Tier 3: You summon 55 meteors.

Rift Mage Passive Abilities

Restorative_Veil.png Restorative Veil

You pull stray magic from around weakened enemies to regain mana based on the damage you do to them.

  • Mana Recovery: 10%
  • Magic on Unlock: +3

Encircling_Veil.png Encircling Veil

You use stray magic around weakened enemies to increase the power of status effects on them.

  • Duration Bonus vs. Weakened: 25%
  • Magic on Unlock: +3

Smothering_Veil.png Smothering Veil

Weakened enemies have the damage they inflict reduced even further.

  • Damage Reduction: 30%
  • Willpower on Unlock: +3

Twisting_Veil.png Twisting Veil

You catch stray magic around weakened enemies and use it to increase the damage of your own attacks.

  • Damage Bonus vs. Weakened: 15%
  • Magic on Unlock: +3

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