Knight Templar Barris is an NPC in Dragon Age: Inquisition. He is encountered in Therinfal Redoubt during the Champions of the Just quest if the inquisitor has chosen to purse the templar side of the quest.
Barris is the one who had contacted Cullen as he believes in the need to close the Breach in the Sky and he does not understand the Lord Seeker's actions, but won't go against his Lord.

He is however shocked by the betrayal of Knight-Captain Denam's attack on the inquisition and his fellow templars and joins your forces with the probability of being recruited as an agent for Forces Perks. He can die before he joins as an agent, however, so do not let the Great Hall bar drop below 30%

Ser Barris ser_barris_icon_small.png

  • Location: Therinfal Redoubt
  • Associated Inquisition Perk: Ser Barris (Forces)
  • Associated Quest: Champions of the Just
    You must ally with the Templar side and complete the quest Champions of the Just for Ser Barris to become an agent. His associated perk reduces the time it takes to complete Cullen's missions by 5%

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