Shaper Valta

Shaper Valta
Race Male
Gender Female
Affiliation Shaperate

Shaper Valta is a NPC in Dragon Age: Inquisition


"Shaper Valta is a field researcher from the Shaper in Orzammar. Valta was born with a keen Stone sense required of the Shapers. But it was her passion for history that earned her the title. "



  • Valta is a temporary companion during The Descent DLC.


Related Quests

  1. The Descent (Quest)



  • Shaper Valta cannot be romanced.


Background, Dialogue & Other Notes/Trivia

  • As a Shaper Valta used to record the Memories in lyrium. Three years ago she refused to remove an official record despite the order from her superiors.
  • If Bhelen was crowned king, the record in question tied his childhood friend to the Carta; if Harrowmont took the throne instead, the record was of his cousin's Carta connections. This refusal cost her dearly, as she was demoted and sent to do field work in the Deep Roads instead. Her security was entrusted to the Legion of the Dead's commander, Renn. Valta parted with her father on bad terms. She hasn't visited Orzammar since then, although she received updates.
  • Valta is nicknamed "Scribbles" by Varric.

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