Quest Type War Table Operation
Location Skyhold - War Table
Power Cost 0
Time Cost ~240 mins
Requirements Rogue
Level 8+ Influence

Smash is a Mission in Dragon Age 3: Inquisition. You can initiate it via the War Table.


About Smash

Smash is a mission particular to the Tempest specialization of the Rogue class. The Inquisitor must be at least level 8 Influence to initiate this quest. 

  • Power & Time Cost: 0 Power, ~240 Min.

  • Notes: ??



 Operation Text


"Provisioner Olinka, who supplied the Inquisition with our glass and solutions, has disintegrated. So far as we can tell, it was an unfortunate mishap involving a barrel of powdered sulfur and two over-eager raccoons. The raccoons didn't survive either. Prayers for Olinka and her furry friends will be said tomorrow at midnight. I hope you realize that this is a problem. Our supplies are finite, and we're going to run out. We'll need another provisioner. Problem is, no one wants to handle the stuff we ask for."

 - Kihm








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