Something to Prove is a side quest in the Exalted Plains in Dragon Age 3: Inquisition. It initiates upon arrival in the exalted plains. Look for the journal first or speak to Emalien to complete Someone to Loose quest.

Valorin was searching for Lindiranae's Talisman, a lost Dalish artifact of particular importance to Hawen's clan. Valorin's journal mentions ruins on the plains where the talisman may be found.

  • Objectives:
  1. Find Lindiranae's Talisman.
  2. Return the talisman to Emalien.

  • Boss: n/a
  • Locations: Val Belleanaris
  • Rewards: 128 XP, 80 Influence
  • Choices & Consequences: N/A
  • Player Notes:
  • Dialogue:

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